Litter “L” Niktel (CZ)

* Spring 2024our own puppies
Litter “L” Niktel (CZ)

On 4th April 2024 we welcomed litter “L” – the Legends. We have 2 girls, 6 boys – all will be longhaired and currently all puppies from this litter are reserved.  If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, please do not hesitate to contact us about the autumn litters, reservations are open for these.



Mother – Skazka – was imported from Russia, she has great drive and she is willing to work at any time. She is very active and competitive, she really enjoys sports and obedience training. She can be easily motivated for food or toys, which is a great advantage during training. We run canicross and obstacle races together. In her free time, she attends classes of dogfitness and socialization. She has completed a number of races, from which she has won a lot of medals and many times won beautiful positions. She just isn’t scared of anything, she climbs over obstacles, crawls under things, or swims during races, she also has no problems with confined spaces or, for example, with mud, if necessary she goes headfirst into everything. She received the title of “Master of Endurance Sports”, which is awarded by the Czech White Shepherd Club to individuals for lifetime achievements in sports.

She is inquisitive and playful, very cuddly and very clingy to her master, demanding his closeness and attention. She is an excellent watchdog, defends her territory well and knows how to bark fiercely if necessary. She is reserved but friendly towards strangers.

She has a strong body, straight legs and straight top line, elegant head and dark pigmentation. She can boast of a number of exhibition awards, she is a multi-champion of several countries. In her family tree, she has many very successful ancestors from all over the world, even world and European winners. Her bloodlines are unique. Her grandmother ATAKA Iz Beloy Brigady is a legend among white shepherds – she became the only three-time world winner.

Skazka is in excellent shape and good health. In the racing season, she is well-muscled and weighs around 32 kg at a height of 60 cm. She has the best health results of all possible mandatory and optional genetic tests, which we have carried out above and beyond, so she has the best conditions to give birth to beautiful and healthy puppies.

  • HD A (hips OK)
  • ED 0/0 (elbows OK)
  • LTV0 (lumbosacral transitional vertebra – free of this malformation)
  • MDR1 +/+ (multiple drug resistance – clear by parentage)
  • DM n/n (degenerative myelopathy – clear by parentage)
  • full dentition, scissor bite

You can also read more about her achievements, awards, health results and see photos and videos of her on her personal page here.

Father – Björn – a beautiful and noble dog originating from Germany, now living in Poland. Björn is a very versatile and talented dog with enthusiasm for almost anything. In character, he is very balanced and fearless, friendly to people, sociable, he also loves swimming water and retrieving.

He is involved in various sports, nosework and exhibitions and can find his liking in any activity. He uses his energy, agility and great drive perfectly in dog frisbee, agility, canicross, bikejöring and obstacle races. He regularly participates in various sports competitions and collects medals and awards for his performances in these sports. He even became the winner of Poland in dog frisbee. Because of his intelligence, he excels in sheep herding and nosework. He has passed several tests in nosework and won a number of races in this field. And his beauty and majesty predestined him for a very successful exhibition career. He can be proud of his show titles such as champion of Poland, Lithuania and Montenegro, he became the young hope of Europe, junior champion of Poland and received a nomination for one of the most prestigious shows – Cruft’s, held in England.

Above all, he loves children and his family. He is very devoted, gentle and loyal. A little girl grows up with him at his home, with whom they are the best companions. He needs frequent contact with his loved ones, solitude and separation are not the things he would enjoy.

Björn is not very tall. He reaches 61 cm at the withers and weighs less than 30 kg, which is a great benefit for his sports activities, where speed and agility are needed. At the same time, it could thus contribute to solving the long-term problem of the WSS with overgrowing dogs above the height limits allowed by the breed standard.

One of the most important criteria we take into account when choosing a stud dog is, of course, health. Björn has excellent results in all tests performed:

  • HD A (hips OK)
  • ED 0/0 (elbows OK)
  • LTV0 (lumbosacral transitional vertebra – free of this malformation)
  • MDR1 +/+ (multiple drug resistance – clear)
  • DM n/n (degenerative myelopathy – clear)
  • NAH n/n (pituitary dwarfism – clear)
  • CH (cerebral hypoplasia – clear)
  • full dentition, scissor bite

Björn has his progeny in various parts of the world, but he has never mated a female in the Czech Republic before. We believe that his bloodline will be very beneficial for Czech breeding and the breed in general. Skazka and Björn are absolutely unrelated in 4 generations back. This combination promises a very interesting pairing and we are very much looking forward to these puppies.


We assume that the puppies will have a lot of energy and desire to learn something new just like their parents. They should thus have prerequisites for various sports, or training, exhibitions and in the future possibly also breeding. They will certainly appreciate trips, walks and the frequent presence of their family. They will be ideal loving partners for practically any activity where they can spend time together. All puppies in this litter will be long-haired.

The puppies will have a full FCI pedigree (proof of parentage), an international EU passport – a vaccination certificate, they will be regularly vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and for the way to their new homes they will receive a starter package with some basic equipment, information on their growth and development so far, printed materials, advice, recommendations and important information for the future development of the puppy. Last but not least, lifelong breeders service is a matter of course with us. Attending exhibitions or future breeding are not a condition for us, what is important to us is love, care and the best home for a puppy.

We are able to export puppies almost all over the world, we already have progeny living in the USA, Mexico, China, Spain, Belarus, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Estonia and all of Central Europe.

All our puppies gradually go through a well-thought-out socialization programme with many stages. We pay great attention to socialization and focus on ensuring that the puppies leave us confident, socialized and as much fearless as possible. We start very early, already a few days after the birth, and continue gradually with individual follow-up phases, according to the development of the puppies and in proportion to their age. If the puppies stay with us for up to 8 weeks, as is common in the Czech Republic, there are roughly 30 different stages. If the destination country reqiires them to stay here longer due to export laws and regulations, there can be up to 50 socialization stages. We film every part of the socialization on videos, which we send together with a lot of other photos to the future owners as part of regular reports, or we publish selected videos on our website, YouTube channel and FB page of our kennel. For a clearer idea of how socialization takes place in our kennel and what each phase means, you can read about it by previous litters, or watch the individual published socialization videos – e.g. for litter H here, F here, or litter B here. Alternatively, visit our Youtube channel here, where you can find all our videos (already over 330 different videos) in one place.

Before going to their new homes, our puppies go through a character test (Volhard’s aptitude test), where their character traits and assumptions are checked. Based on the results of this test, the planned use of the puppies by the future owners and in agreement with them, we select the most suitable puppies for the best families so that they “fit” together as best as possible. We film every test, send it to the owners and post it on our YT channel.

We are looking for active families with a love for animals and a good background for our puppies, where the puppies will become legitimate members of the household. If you are interested in applying for one of our puppies, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will discuss everything together, we will be happy to answer any of your questions and in return we will send you our questionnaire for potential puppy owners, so that we can learn everything we need about you.


About the breed briefly:

The White Swiss Shepherd is a very sociable and loyal dog who loves his family above all else and will do almost anything for them. At the same time, it is very versatile and offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of its use. Active individuals like to train various sports (canicross, agility, dog frisbee, coursing…) or love obedience training. On the other hand there are calmer WSS who can become excellent canistherapy dogs and search and rescue dogs. They love nosework and are simply excellent companions for any occasion. In general, they are more sensitive in nature than maybe a GSD, so it is advisable to approach them gently and to raise and train them with a positive attitude. The white shepherd dog is also suitable for children, they usually love children and like to play with them. It is possible to keep them in an apartment, with sufficient physical and mental exercise, they will be happy both in a house with a garden and in a block of flats. We always offer advice and help with training to people with little or no previous experience with dogs, so it is not a problem to entrust them even to first-time dog owners.

We made a short film about the breed with our dogs in cooperation with Tlapka TV, which you can watch here, unfortunately the speech is only in Czech.


Multi Champion, Junior Champion, Nosework multimedalist, nosework tests class 0 + 1, Dogfrisbee Polish Winner
KINGDOM OF BJÖRN vom weissen Birkenstolz
Avalon Exa of the Heart of Lothian
Kyrens Aata
Jeepo Shammar Wolfpack
Kyren Atya Flow
Explosive Secret des Gardiens du Pacte
Targ Des Gardiens Du Pacte
Dryade de Vi Pasay
C.I.B.(InterCh.),MultiCh., Multi JCh., exams AD, ZZL
Nuri Lups P'tits Loups d'Amour
MULTI CH,JCH.CH + PL, exams: AD, BH/VT, FPR 1,2+3, IPO1
OMAR SHARIF Biale Wzgorza
Multi Champion (POL,DNK,SLO,VDH), exams: FPR3; SchH1; FH1 FH2
Star of Tiger Berta
Karibooh P'tits Loups d'Amour
Elite Fire Onyx des Gardiens du Pacte
Angun White Viper du Bois des Ternes
Champion SK Champion HU Champion SRB Czech club champion Master of Endurance Sports BOS CACIB BOB Junior CAC/CAJC BIS Baby (I, II, III) Baby Champion Best Baby Excellent 1/Very Promising 1
CH Russia, CH RKF, JCH Russia
HECTOR Iz Beloy Brigady
Multi Grand Champion, Champion Eurasia, Russia, JCH Russia
BOND JAMES BOND Iz Beloy Brigady
CH Portugal, VWW 12
MACAO De La Roche Blanche
CH Russia, JCH Russia, Best Dog, CH RKF, obedience, rescue dog
TANGO Show Queen Swissdream
JCH Russia
Comanda Iz Beloy Brigady
VWW 16, WW, European Winner, Multi CH (Russia, RKF, France, Switzerland, Monte Negro, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovenia)
WW 15+16, VEW 14, BBIWW 13, C.I.B., Multi CH (Russia, RKF, Eurasia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania, Cyprus)
ATAKA Iz Beloy Brigady
CH Russia, JCH Russia
Grand Champion Russia, Club Champion Russia, CH Russia, CH RKF, JCH Russia,
Multi CH (Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Makedonia, Serbia, Slovenia), IPO-1
FUEGO Biala Pasja
CH Russia
Ruta'x Royalty KATHREEN
CH Russia, JCH Russia
Egoza Markiza Razboynikov
CH Russia, CH RKF, JCH Russia
INAT Od Bijelih Andela
CH Russia, JCH Russia
S Nezhny Zver KATRINA

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