Litter “B” Niktel (CZ)

* 2021-01-15our own puppies
Litter “B” Niktel (CZ)

On 15th January 2021 we welcomed our litter B, the “B”eetles. The parents are C.I.B. / Grandchampion Axel Donnevara a Grandchampion / Multi Champion Vendetta Od Bijelih Andela.

Both parents are perfectly healthy, they have the best possible results of all different health tests and checks, they are balanced and well grown. They both have great and successful ancestors in their pedigrees, Axel with pure Czech bloodlines and Vendetta, who was imported from Croatia bears different high quality European bloodlines. They don’t have any common ancestry in 5 generations.

They are both very successful show dogs. They took part in many shows throughout their short lives, many judges from the whole world have awarded them excellent awards. As they have great exterior and lovely elegant movement, they were able to reach many national championships, grandshampionships of many countries. Axel has also been granted the highest possible titile in the world – the Interchampion title (C.I.B.), awarded by the International Cynology Union (FCI) located in Belgium.

Axel and Vendetta have a great drive and they are perfect canicrossers. They love running in harness. They like trainings as well as races, of course. They both took part in many canicross, obstacle or bikejöring races. Axel won the Mud Dog Race 2019 and in Experience Run 2020 he finished 2nd in his cathegory. Vendetta won the 3rd place in Experience Run 2020. They are both successful participants of many Hard Dog Races (HDR) – Base and Wild, with great placements round 40th place out of many hundred participants. Running keeps them also perfectly fit. Information, photos, videos and news about our canicross activities can be found on our canicross FB page.

Read more about the parents, their achievements, health tests, including many photos on their personal pages on our website:

AXEL Donnevara

VENDETTA od Bijelih Andela

Beetles are lively, the last one left for the USA in May, so all of them are already in their new families.

All puppies in our kennel undergo a thorough socialisation programme with many stages. We concentrate on good socialisation of puppies, so that puppies from us come self-confident, socialised and fearless. We start very early, just a few days after birth and continue with socialisation in accordance to the age and level of development of the puppies. Each stage is videoed, you can find the videos under the button under this text, as well as on our kennel FB page.

Beetles have gone through these socialisation stages already:

Stage 1: Touching, lifting, handling, opening the mouth, patting, cudling, and getting used to any type of care (since day 1)

Stage 2: Claw trimming and filing (day 10)

Stage 3: Sounds – thunderstorms (14 days)

Stage 4: Toys (3 weeks)

Stage 5: Hanging toys (3,5 weeks)

Stage 6: First porridge (4 weeks)

Stage 7: Dancing with Beetles (loud rock music) 4,5 weeks

Stage 8: Hygiene  (4,5 weeks)

Stage 9: Cuddling with children

Stage 10: Testing and developing drive

Stage 11: A visit to the vet (6 weeks)

Stage 12: Obstacles – tunnels (6 weeks)

Stage 13: First time outside (6,5 weeks)

Stage 14: New play area (6,5 weeks)

Stage 15: Crate training (7 weeks)

Stage 16: Dog-friendly office (7 weeks)

Stage 17: Lawn mowing (7,5 weeks)

Stage 18: Volhard puppy aptitude test (7 weeks)

Stage 19: Free running, retrieving, wildlife smells (7,5 weeks)

Stage 20: Visitors (from 6,5 weeks)

Stage 21: BARF (from 4,5 weeks)

Stage 22: Scary things (from 6 weeks)

Stage 23: Waiting outside a shop (10 weeks)

Stage 24: Trip to a public walking path (10 weeks)

Stage 25: Group sit down (10 weeks)

Stage 26: Exploring the city (from 10 weeks)

Stage 27: Meeting cows (11 weeks)

Stage 28: Surfaces (15 weeks)

Stage 29: Walk in the town, train station (15 weeks)

Stage 30: Town park with many sportsmen (15 weeks)

Stage 31: Ignoring the broom (since 12 weeks)

Stage 32: Nosework (since 12 weeks)

Stage 33: Doggy playground (16 weeks)


C.I.B. - Interchampion Grand Champion of Czech Republic Grand Champion of Slovakia Grand Champion of Montenegro Champion of Czech Republic Champion of Slovakia Champion of Lithuania Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina Champion of Croatia Champion of Serbia Champion of Montenegro Junior champion CZ Junior champion SK Club grand champion Club champion Best show dog in CZ - 3rd place (2016) Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2017 - 2. place National winner Regional winner Winner of Mladá Boleslav Youth national winner SK BIS 3 BIG 1 BOB BOS CACIB res. CACIB multi CAC/CWC multi CAJC
Grand Champion CZ, Champion CZ, Champion ČMKU, Club Champion, Winner of specialty show, Regional winner, multi BOS/CACIB/CAC/CAJC...
BARNET Abraska
res. CAC
Blesk od Kunovského lesa
Falco of Kim's dream
ADRIANA u Panáka
Bepcock Nubika
Cleo z Nuslaudy
Julie Nycol Elbigi
Grand Ch CZ, Ch. CZ+SK, Club Ch., National winner
Ares z Nového Malína
Cino Giacomo Elbigi
Alexis of White Glory
Nataly Cheryl Donnevara
Dragon la Blankpapilio
Genny Lee Donnevara
Grand Champion MNE Champion SK Champion HU Champion MNE Club champion CZ Junior Champion SK Junior Champion LT Slovak puppy champion Elite puppy winner BOS CACIB Junior BOB multi CAC/CAJC Excellent 1 / Very promising 1
Inter Champion, Champion of France, IPO 1, IPO V, TAN, TAT, CSAU
Ice Echo du Bois des Ternes
Multi Champion, TAN
Echo du Bois des Ternes
Champion, Nord JW 05, Fin Winner 06
Snamerto Snaomner
Dakota Van Hiemrod
Horsebo Empire
Champion DK, European Winner 04, NorduCh
Nice Of You To Come Bye Mojo
Champion DK, European Winner 04, NorduCh
Enjoy Of White Sunshine
Junior Champion of Slovenia, Karavanka winner 2017, Champion of BiH, Champion of Federation BiH, Champion of Slovenia, BIS
Naomi od Bijelih Andela
Inter Champion, Multi Champion
Yole vom Sutumer Grund
Multi Champion, TAN, CSAU, TST
I Love Boy P'tits Loups d'Amour
Only You vom Sutumer Grund
Junior Champion, Champion
Azra Zora vom Sutumer Grund
Multi Champion (DJ, D, DK), BH/VT
Vin Diesel of Haely's Future
Maybe Magic Lou vom Sutumer Grund

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