Litter “H”eroes Niktel (CZ)

* 2022-11-24our own puppies
Litter “H”eroes Niktel (CZ)

We welcomed a litter after our Multi Champion female SKAZKA Iz Beloy Brigady – litter H, for “Heroes”. We have chosen a stud who is extraordinary in character and looks as well as his excitement for almost any dog activity. The father of the litter is fantastic KING KING z Ranče Montara.

Puppies’ pedigree on pedigreedatabase here.

Description of the parents:

King is a subtle and very noble male. He has great pigmentation, lovely smile and very open character. He loves everybody and everything. He is also very temperament. He can do anything just to please his beloved people. He passed canistherapy exams and showed his easy-going character there. He is extremely easily trained and can be easily motivated, either by treats or by toys and balls. The only thing which he does not like very much and can’t do well is to get angry and fight with other dogs or with a person at protection trainings. But he loves obedience trainings, tracking and does actively search and rescue work. He passed many exams  (eg. BH, Canistherapy exam, RH T – E – search and rescue in ruins combined with obedience IPO-R, RH FL-E, RH FL-A – search and rescue in flat places combined vith obedience). When King has the opportunity he runs canicross or skijöring, where he can use his temperament very well. He has a  lot of things in common with Skazka, so we believe, they will be a perfect match.

Skazka has also got great drive and is ready to work any time. She loves obedience trainings. She is very active and competitive, she loves sports. We run canicross and race in obstacle races together and she is very good at it. For her lifetime sports results she already got the title “Master of endurance sports”. Running keeps her in perfect shape, she is very fit and healthy. She is a great guard dog, she can get very noisy is she sees something suspicious. She has strong bone structure, dark pigmentation and elegant head. She attended several dog shows and became the national champions of several countries. There are many Champions, Grand Champions, Interchampions and even some World and European winners in her pedigree. Her grandmother ATAKA Iz Beloy Brigady is one of the most successful show dogs in the history of the breed – she is triple world winner! Her photos, videos, successes and additional information can be found on her personal website here. Photos of puppies from her first litter here.


King – HD A, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/+, DM n/dm, BAER OK (hearing both sided), full dentition, scissor bite, height 60,5 cm

Skazka –  HD A, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/+, DM n/n (by parentage), LTV 0, full dentition, scissor bite, height 60 cm


Puppies are only long-haired and we expect them to be very active with open characters and high drive and potential. Some have left us already, some are waiting for full vaccination to be able to travel to their forever homes abroad.

All puppies in our kennel undergo a thorough socialisation programme with many stages. We concentrate on good socialisation of puppies, so that puppies from us come self-confident, socialised and fearless. We start very early, just a few days after birth and continue with socialisation in accordance to the age and level of development of the puppies. Each stage is videoed and we send all the videos to the future owners, some of the chosen videos can be also found on our Youtube channel, or on our kennel FB page. For better imagination what our socialisation programme involves and how it looks see the videos and the description in previous litters.

Heroes experienced these socialisation stages so far: 

Stage 1: Touching, lifting, handling, opening the mouth, patting, cudling, and getting used to any type of care

Stage 2: Cuddling with children

Stage 3: Claw trimming and filing

Stage 4: First soft toys

Stage 5: Obstacles

Stage 6: Getting used to uneven surfaces

Stage 7: Loud sounds- bangs, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, vysavač, music, fireworks…

Stage 8: Reaction to being alone

Stage 9: Crate training

Stage 10: First “trip” out of the whelping box

Stage 11: Car rides

Stage 12: Training of leaving at a certain place

Stage 13: New environment and play area

Stage 14: Hygiene, litter training

Stage 15: Bathing and drying

Stage 16: First porridge

Stage 17: Hanging and moving toys

Stage 18: Watching the busy street outside

Stage 19: Giving medicine – deworming

Stage 20: Visits to the vet 4 + 6 weeks, Vet check + vaccination 12 weeks

Stage 21: Testing the drive to work

Stage 22: Socialisation visits

Stage 23: Socialisation with other dogs

Stage 24: Flying objects

Stage 25: Outside

Stage 26: Introducing B.A.R.F.

Stage 27: First training of obedience and self-control 

Stage 28: Volhard puppy aptuitude test – videos: yellow boy, brown boy, black boy, red girl, blue girl, white girl, turquoise girl

Stage 29: Watching the night traffic from very close

Stage 30: A trip in the trolley to the forrest

Stage 31: A trip in the trolley to the city, shopping centre, restaurant, shops

Stage 32: Snow

Stage 33: Walking on grid surfaces

Stage 34: Training of leaving home alone

Stage 35: Leash walk in the park + training of “come” command

Stage 36: Leash walk – busy street

Stage 37: Group training of self-control and obedience

Stage 38: Home obedience training – individual

Stage 39: Nosework

Stage 40: Robotic vacuum cleaner

Stage 41: Muzzle training

Stage 42: Bus ride

Stage 43: Elevator

Stage 44: Waiting in front of the shop

Stage 45: Caretaking – cleaning ears, eyes, brushing,

Stage 46: Puppy school – obedience

Stage 47: Puppy school – obstacles

Stage 48: Balance exercises (dogfitness)

Stage 49: Other animals – interspecies socialisation

Stage 50: Shopping centre – sliding doors, escalators (flat or with stairs), elevator, people shops…

Stage 51: Obstacle track

Stage 52: Checking and showing teeth, opening mouth

Before the puppies leave us we do Volhard puppy aptitude test, where the character and future abilities of the puppies are tested. How we test the puppies can also be seen in the videos from the previous litters. According to the results of the test and the future plans of the new owners for the puppies we choose the best family for each puppy.

All puppies already have their perfect new homes. We are planning another litter for May 2023. Reservations launched. We are looking for active owners, ideally with interest in any kind of dog activities (shows, sports, obedience, canistherapy, rescue…). We choose the potential owners very carefully so that the puppies have the best homes, which is very important for us. More about the planned litter “I” here.


CAJC, výborný, velmi nadějný, BH, canisterapeutická zkouška, RH T - E, RH FL-E, RH FL-A
KING KING z Ranče Montara
C.I.B., Multi Champion, IPO 3, BH
IRON de l'Esprit du Sud
Fork du Domaine du Chene au Loup
Dragon of Trebons Berger Blanc
Horsebo Cookies
Floppy du domaine de thu lan
Valco Key Shun du Domaine de Thu-Lan
Dixie des terres de voldai
Champion CZ,PH,TR,ROM,UK
EN-JOY STAR z Ranče Montara
Multi Champion, SCHH1 VPG1 BH/VT AD
Atax-Boss vom Sutumer Grund
BS'07, ES'08, VWW'09, IPO 3, SCHH 3, VPG 2
Bossanova von White Angel
U'Raja of Haely's Future
Cassey Star Z Rance Montara
Alvo Giro of Quietangel
Husky vom Märkischen Oderland
Champion SK Champion HU Champion SRB Czech club champion Master of Endurance Sports BOS CACIB BOB Junior CAC/CAJC BIS Baby (I, II, III) Baby Champion Best Baby Excellent 1/Very Promising 1
CH Russia, CH RKF, JCH Russia
HECTOR Iz Beloy Brigady
Multi Grand Champion, Champion Eurasia, Russia, JCH Russia
BOND JAMES BOND Iz Beloy Brigady
CH Portugal, VWW 12
MACAO De La Roche Blanche
CH Russia, JCH Russia, Best Dog, CH RKF, obedience, rescue dog
TANGO Show Queen Swissdream
JCH Russia
Comanda Iz Beloy Brigady
VWW 16, WW, European Winner, Multi CH (Russia, RKF, France, Switzerland, Monte Negro, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovenia)
WW 15+16, VEW 14, BBIWW 13, C.I.B., Multi CH (Russia, RKF, Eurasia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania, Cyprus)
ATAKA Iz Beloy Brigady
CH Russia, JCH Russia
Grand Champion Russia, Club Champion Russia, CH Russia, CH RKF, JCH Russia,
Multi CH (Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Makedonia, Serbia, Slovenia), IPO-1
FUEGO Biala Pasja
CH Russia
Ruta'x Royalty KATHREEN
CH Russia, JCH Russia
Egoza Markiza Razboynikov
CH Russia, CH RKF, JCH Russia
INAT Od Bijelih Andela
CH Russia, JCH Russia
S Nezhny Zver KATRINA

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