Litter “I”nspectors Niktel (CZ)

* 2023-05-18our own puppies
Litter “I”nspectors Niktel (CZ)

On 18th May 2023 we welcomed litter “I” as Inspectors after our wonderful FROZEN Of Trebons Berger Blanc. All puppies have their new homes.

We mated Frozen to a nice and very versatile stud from Germany FEROX von der Bayernwache. Both parents have a very interesting pedigree with lots of wonderful successful international ancestors from Europe and also America. There is no common ancestry between the parents in 5 generations.

Pedigree of the puppies on pedigreedatabase here.


Ferox is a 4 year old dog with perfect health, friendly character and successes in sports, shows and obedience. He has been tested on many diseases, all with the best results (see below). On the showground he achieved the highest international title “Interchampion (C.I.B.)” granted by the FCI in Belgium. Apart from this he is a multi show national champion and holder of many various beauty titles. He is a very active dog, who loves to do any kind of dog activity. He took part in many dog competitions in various dog sports, he tried search and rescue, obedience, protection, running and tracking and now he trains actively IGP, which he loves the most. He is preparing for the exam BH-VT. In May 2021 he passed the endurance test (AD).

Frozen is a 5 year old female, mother of two litters (Angels and Elfs). He is very active as Ferox is. Her favourite activity are sports. She runs canicross and obstacle races, she is perfect in harness, not afraid of anything. She is full of enthusiasm and goes to everything with trust and energy. For her lifetime achievements in sports she was awarded the title “Master of endurance sports” by the Czech WSS club. Also she became the best Czech WSS in endurance sports in 2021 and she won the historically first Championship of WSS in obstacle races in 2022. She also holds a lot of other medals from various races. In 2022 she passed the endurance test (20 km run + obedience test). She also tried some protection work and has basic obedience training. She enjoys any activity we offer her. Once in a while she attends the dog school. She is not only a sporty female, but she has also been awarded many show beauty titles. She is also an Interchampion (C.I.B.), national Grand Champion in many countries, junior champion. She is an absolute show proffesional, who loves to show off and it is a pleasure to attend shows with her. In terms of character she is very balanced, socialised, loyal and absolutely loves her family. She is not afraid of strangers, loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, traffic…), other animals or anything else. Her health tests are also perfect. You can see a lot of her photos, videos and awards on her personal page  here.


Ferox – HD: A1 / A1, ED: 0 / 0, LÜW (LTV) – 0, Spondylose – 0, OCD – Free, MDR1 – Free, DM – Free, MH – Free, Ektodermale Dysplasie – Free, HUU – Free, Hämophilie Typ 1 – Free, Hämophilie Typ 2 – Free, CLAD III – Free, MPS VII – Free, RCND – Free, PRA – Free, PRCD – Free, HZ pituitary dwarfism: N/N – Free, BAER test – OK, hears on both ears, heart ultrasound OK – no hereditadry deformations, full dentition, scissor bite, 66,5 cm, 36 kg, DNA stored

Frozen – HD A, ED 0/0, LÜW (LTV) – 0, MDR1 – free, full dentition, scissor bite, 59 cm, 32 kg



All puppies in this litter are long-haired. We expect great potential for shows, breeding, sports, and as ideal companions and partners for any kind of activity with their new families. It is not our condition that the new owners have to attend shows or need to breed. Puppies from litter I will live in different parts of Europe – apart from the Czech Republic also in France, Great Britain and Austria.

All puppies in our kennel undergo a thorough socialisation programme with many stages. We concentrate on good socialisation of puppies, so that puppies from us come self-confident, socialised and fearless. We start very early, just a few days after birth and continue with socialisation in accordance to the age and level of development of the puppies. If the puppies stay until 8 weeks of age, which is the time when they can leave mummy, they experience about 30 socialisation stages. If they have to stay longer due to export laws of the country they will be travelling to, it can sum up to about 50 stages. Each stage is videoed and we send all the videos and many photos to the future owners, some of the chosen videos can be also found on our Youtube channel, or on our kennel FB page. For better imagination what our socialisation programme involves and how it looks see the videos and the description in previous litters – eg. litter H here, litter F here, or litter B here.

Before the puppies leave us we do Volhard puppy aptitude test, where the character and future abilities of the puppies are tested. How we test the puppies can also be seen in the videos from the previous litters. According to the results of the test and the future plans of the new owners for the puppies we choose the best family for each puppy.

Puppies have gone through these socialisation stages: 

Stage 1: Touching, lifting, handling, opening the mouth, patting, cudling, and getting used to any type of care

Stage 2: Cuddling with children

Stage 3: Claw trimming and filing

Stage 4: Giving medicine – deworming

Stage 5: First soft toys

Stage 6: Obstacles

Stage 7: Uneven surfaces

Stage 8: Sounds (hair drier, vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, fireworks)

Stage 9: Crate training

Stage 10: Car ride

Stage 11: First time in an outside playpen

Stage 12: Meeting other dogs – Joint video from stages 6-12 here

Stage 13: First porridge

Stage 14: Litter training

Stage 15: Hanging and moving toys

Stage 16: Scary things fluttering in the wind

Stage 17: Opening an umbrella

Stage 18: Heavy traffic street

Stage 19: Ride in a rustling shopping trolley

Stage 20: Children’s playground

Stage 21: Dogs barking behind the fence – Joint video from stages 15 – 21 here

Stage 22: Visit of children at school

Stage 23: Robotic vacuum cleaner

Stage 24: Home vacuum cleaner

Stage 25: The sound of diesel generator

Stage 26: Socialisation visits

Stage 27: Vet check + 1st vaccination

Stage 28: Nosework

Stage 29: Trying BARF

Stage 30: Sound of a quad – Joint video from stages 22 – 31 here

Stage 31: Volhard puppy aptitude test – videos here: black, purple, pink, blue, grey

Stage 32: Bathing, air drying

Stage 33: Leash training

Stage 34: Walking on a busy street

Stage 35: Cuddling with strangers

Stage 36: Railway station – Video from stages 35 – 36

Stage 37: Grooming

Stage 38: Waiting in front of a shop

Stage 39: Shopping centre

Stage 40: Muzzle training

Stage 41: Public transportation

Stage 42: Shopping

Stage 43: Meeting other pets

Stage 44: Sliding and turning doors – Video from stages 38 – 44


C.I.B., MultiChampion, National winner, AD
FEROX von der Bayernwache
Shamrock Shepherds Avalon
Uncle Sam vom Sutumer Grund
Kentalo vom Sutumer Grund
Vajra Diamont of Haely`s Future
Lugia P`tits Loups d`Amour
Regalwise Noble Denver Alpha
Eagle from America des Gardiens du Pacte
Afra von der Bayernwache
V1, IPO 3
Attila vom Altvilstal
Horant vom Vilstaler-Land
Kimba vom Vilstaler Land
Cilka z Plavské Zahrady
Finn vom Sutumer Grund
Arica Galanthus Flori
C.I.B. Grand Champion Czech Republic Club Grand Champion CZ Grand Champion Montenegro Champion Czech Kinology Organisation (CMKU) Champion Czech Republic Champion Slovakia Champion Montenegro Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina Champion Kosovo Champion Serbia Club Champion National Winner Junior Champion LT Puppy Champion SK BOB, BOS, JBOB multi CACIB... JBOB multi CAC / CAJC / Excellent / Very promising Master of Endurance sports Best working WSS in endurance sports 2021 Champion in OCR for WSS 2022 Endurance test
C.I.B., Multi Ch, Hungarian Club Champion
Tom Jones Ice Lilien
Juan of Skah Dakota
Born to Win White Dante
Ezira-Shideezh of Skah Dakota
Vonder von Diamond
Multi Ch, Nordic Winner 2016, JCh, BISS3, Club Champion
Jam of Trebons Berger Blanc
WW08, WW11, ES Ch
Horsebo U2
Al-Pacino of Haely's Future
Enjoy Of White Sunshine
Galilea of Trebons Berger Blanc
Horsebo One
Eur Ch 09
Class Apart of Trebons Berger Blanc

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