FROZEN of Trebons Berger Blanc

* 2018-03-22breeding female
FROZEN of Trebons Berger Blanc

Another addition to our white family came from Denmark. Frozen has an excellent pedigree with very high quality ancestors from all over the world. Many of her ancestors are proud holders of the titles of Interchampions, Multichampions, Club champions and winners of all types.

Frozen is very lively, cheerful and active, how a young dog of her age should be. She is perfectly socialized and very bright. She does not fear anything or anybody, on the contrary everything is interesting for her and she likes to explore new things. She has a very elegant and light movement, nice constitution and a noble head. At dog shows she feels like at home. She has gained so much experience so far, that she is like a professional in the ring now. She is very calm and relaxed so it is a pleasure to present her. She gained her first title “Slovak puppy champion” at only 7 months. In her first shows in junior class in Lithuania before Christmas 2018, she was awarded 2x Junior BOB and finished her first junior championship. Since June 2019, when she was 15 months old, she has started to compete among adults. And she is a strong competitor, she has already finished several national championships and gained the titles of National Winner, many times CACIB, BOS and even BOB. She is the youngest Czech WSS, who was ever awarded the title “Champion CMKU” (=the champion of the Czech kinology organisation), only 10 WSS have this title so far. In June 2021 she was awarded the world’s highest show title by the international cynology federation FCI, the title of Interchampion C.I.B.

She does canicross ond obstacle racing with us. She enjoys running in the harness and she is very competitive and has great drive for it. She took part in many races and was awarded the title Master of endurance sports for her lifelong achievements. She became the hardest working WSS in endurance sports for 2021 and won the historically 1st championship for WSS in OCR 2022. She successfully passed the endurance test in 2022 ( 20 km run + obedience test). She also enjoys fetching, biting or pulling or anything, where she can actively use her drive and energy.

In June 2020 she passed the breeding test successfully – she has full dentition, scissor bite, height 59 cm and excellent assesment of the committee. Her X-ray results are the best possible – HD A and ED 0/0. She has become mother of several puppies since then.

Her next pregnancy will be planned for the end of 2024, reservations open. In case of interest in a puppy from this litter do not hesitate to contact us.

Her pedigree on pedigreedatabase here.


  • C.I.B.
  • Grand Champion Czech Republic
  • Club Grand Champion CZ
  • Grand Champion Montenegro
  • Champion Czech Kinology Organisation (CMKU)
  • Champion Czech Republic
  • Champion Slovakia
  • Champion Montenegro
  • Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Champion Kosovo
  • Champion Serbia
  • Club Champion
  • National Winner
  • Junior Champion LT
  • Puppy Champion SK
  • multi CACIB...
  • JBOB
  • multi CAC / CAJC / Excellent / Very promising
  • Master of Endurance sports
  • Best working WSS in endurance sports 2021
  • Champion in OCR for WSS 2022
  • Endurance test

Additional information

Height59 cm
Teethfull dentition, scissor bite
MDR 1+/+ po rodičích
Bonitation codeIIa/H3, P9, X6/I
Lumbosacral vertebraLTV 0
Breeding licencebreeding female FCI
OffspringLitter “I”nspectors Niktel (CZ)Litter “E”lves Niktel (CZ)Litter “A”ngels Niktel (CZ)


C.I.B., Multi Ch, Hungarian Club Champion
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