Litter “E”lves Niktel (CZ)

* 2022-02-19our own puppies
Litter “E”lves Niktel (CZ)

On 19th February 2022 litter “E” – the Elves were born. Puppies after our Danish princess and sports enthusiast Multi Grand Champion FROZEN Of Trebons Berger Blanc. For Frozen it is her second litter, we got 8 healthy puppies (3 girls, 5 boys). In her first letter, there were also 8 puppies – lovely “A”ngels. For more information, photos, health tests and achievements about mother Frozen visit here.

We have carefully chosen the stud for this litter, it will be a six year old dog D’Louis Heroes of the White Shepherds from Germany. Luis is a middle length WSS with perfect body build, balanced character and high drive. He loves children, play, balls and other animals. In his free time he also does agility and trains obedience, he has passed the exam OB 1. He has the best health results (HD A, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/+, DM n/n) and he has achieved the highest show awards. He is a multiple national champion and he has also, as well as Frozen, been granted the highest possible show title of an Interchampion (C.I.B.) by the International Canine Federation (FCI) in Belgium.

This litter is called the “E”lves from many reasons. Firstly, elf is usually understood as a kind, beautiful and intelligent being, with their typically long sharp ears, exactly like a white shepherd. Originally Elves come from the German mythology, and here we wanted to show connection of the litter to Germany as the father of the litter lives there. The Elves are also connected to magic and nature, they are mostly shown with slim bodies, soft facial features and sharp ears. Last but not least Elves have extraordinary intelligence and love the nature, usually they even live in the woods.

There are puppies with both middle-length and long hair with great potential for show and sport in this litter. All puppies joined their new families and are living with them, half of the litter stayed in the Czech Republic, half lives abroad.

All puppies in our kennel undergo a thorough socialisation programme with many stages (more than 30). We concentrate on good socialisation of puppies, so that puppies from us come self-confident, socialised and fearless. We start very early, just a few days after birth and continue with socialisation in accordance to the age and level of development of the puppies. Each stage is videoed and we send all the videos to the future owners, some of the chosen videos can be also found on our Youtube channel, or on our kennel FB page. See videos below, or all videos in one place can be seen after clicking on the button VIDEOS under the text.

Before the puppies leave us, exactly on day 49, we do Volhard puppy aptitude test, where the character and future abilities of the puppies are tested. How we test the puppies can also be seen in the videos. According to the results of the test and the future plans of the new owners for the puppies we choose the best family for each puppy.


Elves have gone through these socialisation stages so far: (videos in the links or all together under the button “VIDEOS” below)

Stage 1: Touching, lifting, handling, opening the mouth, patting, cudling, and getting used to any type of care (since day 1)

Stage 2: Cuddling with children (since week 1)

Stage 3: Claw trimming and filing (from day 10 every cca 14 days)

Stage 4: First soft toys (10 days)

Stage 5: First obstacles (2 weeks)

Stage 6: Uneven surfaces (2 weeks)

Stage 7:  Bathing, drying, air drying (short after birth and then regularly every cca 2 weeks)

Stage 8: Loud noises – bangs, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, rock music, fireworks… (since 2 weeks)

Stage 9: First “trip” out of the whelping room (2,5 weeks)

Stage 10: Meeting new environment and new play area (3,5 weeks)

Stage 11: Litter training (3,5 weeks)

Stage 12: Crate training (since 3 weeks)

Stage 13: First porridge (4 weeks)

Stage 14: Hanging and more new toys (4,5 weeks)

Stage 15: Getting used to a transport trolley (4,5 weeks) – video from assembly of the trolley

Stage 16: First car ride (5 weeks)

Stage 17: Exploring the outside world from the trolley – nature (5 weeks)

Stage 18: Exploring the outside world from the trolley – city (5 weeks)

Stage 19: Giving medicine, drugs – deworming (2 – 4 – 6 weeks)

Stage 20: Flying objects (6 weeks)

Stage 21: Watching a busy street from behind the window (6 weeks)

Stage 22: Having a bath (6 weeks)

Stage 23: Visit to the vet (6 weeks)

Stage 24: BARF (6,5 weeks)

Stage 25: Volhard puppy aptitude test (49 days)


Pedigree of litter E on pedigreedatabase here.




C.I.B., German Champion VDH, Club Champion BVWS, Specialty Winner, multi BOB, BOS, CACIB
D'LOUIS Heroes of the White Shepherds
Multi Champion
Handur Vom Bozener Hof
BS'07, ES'08, VWW'09, IPO 3, SCHH 3, VPG 2
Bossanova von White Angel
Baron vom Schloss Stutensee
Fanni von Királyszentistváni Kristály
Fabienne vom Bezener Hof
Tumbledown's Macho
Gillian-Manderly vom Bozener Hof
Multi Champion
Mistyknights Hot Shot for White Knight
Cart White Knight La Kwanza
ALL BREEDS WINNER 2010, Champion
Jalaneque Azean-Angel for White Knight
La-Viza Fria of the Heart Of Lothian
Mistyknights Dream Catcher
CART White Knight Mi'Lord Silver
White Knight Keep-Sake Tezrah
C.I.B. Grand Champion Czech Republic Club Grand Champion CZ Grand Champion Montenegro Champion Czech Kinology Organisation (CMKU) Champion Czech Republic Champion Slovakia Champion Montenegro Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina Champion Kosovo Champion Serbia Club Champion National Winner Junior Champion LT Puppy Champion SK BOB, BOS, JBOB multi CACIB... JBOB multi CAC / CAJC / Excellent / Very promising Master of Endurance sports Best working WSS in endurance sports 2021 Champion in OCR for WSS 2022
C.I.B., Multi Ch, Hungarian Club Champion
Tom Jones Ice Lilien
Juan of Skah Dakota
Born to Win White Dante
Ezira-Shideezh of Skah Dakota
Vonder von Diamond
Multi Ch, Nordic Winner 2016, JCh, BISS3, Club Champion
Jam of Trebons Berger Blanc
WW08, WW11, ES Ch
Horsebo U2
Al-Pacino of Haely's Future
Enjoy Of White Sunshine
Galilea of Trebons Berger Blanc
Horsebo One
Eur Ch 09
Class Apart of Trebons Berger Blanc




* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – male 2

Elves – male 2

* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – male 3

Elves – male 3

* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – male 4

Elves – male 4

* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – male 5

Elves – male 5

* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – female 1

Elves – female 1

* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – female 2

Elves – female 2

* 2022-02-19more+
Elves – female 3

Elves – female 3

* 2022-02-19more+

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