Litter “F”uries Niktel (CZ)

* 2022-03-16our own puppies
Litter “F”uries Niktel (CZ)

On 16th March 2022 we welcomed the litter “F” of 7 long hair puppies – 3 girls, 4 boys. Our lovely wolf-like VENDETTA Od Bijelih Andela became mother for the second time. As the father of this litter we chose a long-hair stud imported from Russia, living in Poland – Alkhabor Almira NOW’S MY TIME home name “Wow”.

The name of this litter is Furies. It perfectly matches Vendetta’s wild character, she is fast and furious. In Roman mythology Furies were goddesses of vengeance (which is another word for Vendetta). They were 3 female beings (exactly like 3 females in this litter). Furies chased murderers and villains, who treated badly their family or friends. They chase them until they suppose they punished them enough. Furies represented remorse. Exactly like our puppies will become the best protectors of their families and would chase away evil and punish injustice.

Wow is big, extra fluffy 5-year-old male with perfect health and show results. As well as Vendetta, Wow also achieved the highest possible show awards and titles. He is an Interchampion (C.I.B.), Grand Champion a multi national champion. He was seen by many international judges and they found him as a typical WSS, a male as he should be. There are many famous names from the best bloodlines among his ancestors, most of them are also champions, and some even world winners. Wow has a calm and balanced character. Health: HD A, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/+, DM n/n, full dentition, scissor bite.

Vendetta is also very fluffy, but more subtle and feminine with a very noble head. Therefore we believe she will make a great counterweight to the big masculine male. Her smaller ears, lighter eye and long slim straight legs make her like an exact copy of the snow wolf. She is very active, loves running and chasing balls. When she has a ball, toy or bone she can protect them or her territory really well against the other members of the pack. Towards people she is very open and friendly, she is very self confident and absolutely fearless. She makes use of her drive very well in canicross, she tows very well and loves racing and overcoming different types of obstacles on dog-OCR- races. She was awarded the title “Master of Endurance sports” for her life-long performance in dog sports. At the show field she has also achieved the highest possible awards as Wow. She also has the best possible results. They are perfect match together. You can read more about Vendetta on her personal page here, there are also a lot of her photos and videos. Vendetta has already become a mother in January 2021 for the first time, she gave us 7 lovely Beetles. Photos of her first litter here.

There are only long hair puppies. We expect them to have high drive and potential for sports, Furies will be fast and furious. They will also be great for training, as active companions for family trips or elegant show dogs.

All puppies in our kennel undergo a thorough socialisation programme with many stages (more than 30). We concentrate on good socialisation of puppies, so that puppies from us come self-confident, socialised and fearless. We start very early, just a few days after birth and continue with socialisation in accordance to the age and level of development of the puppies. Each stage is videoed and we send all the videos to the future owners, some of the chosen videos can be also found on our homepage, Youtube channel, and on our kennel FB page. For better imagination of what each stage means and consists of, you can read about the different phases and watch some of our videos from the previous litters – eg. litter E here, or litter B here. All videos in one place can be seen after clicking on the button VIDEOS under the texts. Before the puppies leave us we do Volhard puppy aptitude test, where the character and future abilities of the puppies are tested. According to the results of the test and the future plans of the new owners for the puppies we choose the best family for each puppy.

All puppies have their new families.

Furies have already gone through these socialisation stages:

Stage 1: Touching, lifting, handling, opening the mouth, patting, cudling, and getting used to any type of care (since day 2)

Stage 2: Cuddling with children (since week 1)

Stage 3: Claw trimming and filing (from day 14 every cca 14 days)

Stage 4: First soft toys (10 days)

Stage 5: First obstacles (2 weeks)

Stage 6: Uneven surfaces (2 weeks)

Stage 7: Loud noises – bangs, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, rock music, fireworks… (since 2 weeks)

Stage 8: Reaction to being alone (2,5 weeks)

Stage 9: Crate training and watching the traffic (since 4 weeks)

Stage 10: First “trip” out of the whelping room (4,5 weeks)

Stage 11: First car ride (4,5 weeks)

Stage 12: Training of staying in one place in one position – manipulation and staying on place during photoshoot (4,5 weeks)

Stage 13: New environment and play area (5 weeks)

Stage 14: Litter training (5 weeks)

Stage 15: Bathing, drying, air drying (short after birth and then regularly every cca 2-3 weeks)

Stage 16: First porridge (4 weeks)

Stage 17: Hanging and moving toys (4,5 weeks)

Stage 18: Watching a busy street from behind the window (4,5 weeks)

Stage 19:  Exploring the outside world from the trolley – nature (5 weeks) – video from the trolley assembly

Stage 20: BARF (5,5 weeks)

Stage 21: Exploring the outside world from the trolley – city (5 weeks)

Stage 22: Giving medicine, drugs – deworming (2 – 4 – 6 weeks)

Stage 23: Visit to the vet (6 weeks)

Stage 24:  Socialisation visits (6,5 weeks)

Stage 25: Socialisation with other dogs (6,5 weeks)

Stage 26: Free running in the nature (6,5 weeks)

Stage 27: Flying objects (6 weeks)

Stage 28: Having a bath + air-drying (7 – 8 weeks)

Stage 29: Volhard puppy aptitude test (49 days) – brown boy, grey boy, turquoise boy, black boy, white girl, red girl, purple girl

Stage 30: Robotic vacuum cleaner (7,5 weeks)

Stage 31: Railway station (7,5 týdne)

Stage 32: Manipulation by unknown children in an unknown environment (7 – 8 weeks)

Stage 33: Brain teasers + nosework (8 weeks)

Stage 34: Training – group sit down, stay calm, don’t jump (9 weeks)

Stage 35: Balancing (from 8 weeks)

Stage 36: Home obedience training (10 weeks)

Stage 37: Leash training, walk in the nature (10+ weeks)

Stage 38: Walk in town (11 weeks)

Stage 39: Hobby market (12 weeks)

Stage 40: Barf shop (12 weeks)

Stage 41: Obstacles (13 weeks)

Stage 42: Dog school (13 weeks)

Stage 43: Horses (13 weeks)

Stage 44: Flight by a plane (15 weeks)

Stage 45: Walking with a pack of adult dogs (15 weeks)

Stage 46: Shopping centre (15 weeks)

Stage 47: Visit to a restaurant (14 weeks)

Stage 48: Nosework (since 8 weeks)


Pedigree of the litter on pedigreedatabase here.


C.I.B., MultiCh., Grand Champion PL,SK
Alkhabor Almira NOW'S MY TIME
Azimut Ortus
BBI World Winner 2008, CZ Club Winner 2008, BaltW'09, LVW'10, BH
Cherokee Baltic Beauty Du Bois Des Ternes
Tracker du Bois des Ternes
Dakota Van Hiemrod
Only Best Baltic Beauty
Multi Champion, BH
Evridikke Metius Baltic Beauty
Armida Od ČErneho Datla
Obedience Trial - 2 BIG-2, CACIB, CHRus, JCHRus, CH RKF x2, CH OANKOO, CH RFSS
Aknur Gul BREEDA Alkhabor Almira
Made to Measure Kokkio Kilego
WJW-08, EW-08
Horsebo Muffin
Crispy Of Tresbon Berger Blanc
Yaroslava Dlya AknurGul
Baltazar Halit Pasa
Alma Flafi Beib
C.I.B. Club Grand Champion CZ Grand Champion MNE Champion CZ Champion SK Champion HU Champion MNE Club Champion CZ Junior Champion SK Junior Champion LT Slovak puppy champion Elite puppy winner BOS CACIB Junior BOB multi CAC/CAJC Excellent 1 / Very promising 1
Inter Champion, Champion of France, IPO 1, IPO V, TAN, TAT, CSAU
Ice Echo du Bois des Ternes
Multi Champion, TAN
Echo du Bois des Ternes
Champion, Nord JW 05, Fin Winner 06
Snamerto Snaomner
Dakota Van Hiemrod
Horsebo Empire
Champion DK, European Winner 04, NorduCh
Nice Of You To Come Bye Mojo
Champion DK, European Winner 04, NorduCh
Enjoy Of White Sunshine
Junior Champion of Slovenia, Karavanka winner 2017, Champion of BiH, Champion of Federation BiH, Champion of Slovenia, BIS
Naomi od Bijelih Andela
Inter Champion, Multi Champion
Yole vom Sutumer Grund
Multi Champion, TAN, CSAU, TST
I Love Boy P'tits Loups d'Amour
Only You vom Sutumer Grund
Junior Champion, Champion
Azra Zora vom Sutumer Grund
Multi Champion (DJ, D, DK), BH/VT
Vin Diesel of Haely's Future
Maybe Magic Lou vom Sutumer Grund




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* 2022-03-16more+
FEARLESS FURY Niktel – “Forst”

FEARLESS FURY Niktel – “Forst”

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