Litter “K”rakens Niktel (CZ)

* 2023-09-24our own puppies
Litter “K”rakens Niktel (CZ)

Puppies from litter K arrived at the end of September. The litter name is K for Krakens this time. There were 7 puppies in the litter – 4 girls and 3 boys of both lengths of coat. They will be very sporty, with balanced characters, dark pigmentation and snow white coat. One girl (shorthair) returned to us from her new family, due to serious illness of the new owner and is now available again. She is very high drive, well socialised and has a lovely character. Ideal for sports or work. If you are interested in her, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Bella is our youngest and very active breeding female (almost 3 years old). She passed her breeding test in the spring 2023, so this is her first litter. We carefully selected the stud dog, finally choosing a beautiful dog with semi-long hair from France. This is our very first litter where both parents have semi-long coat and also the first litter after our own progeny. Puppies are 3 times vaccinated, incl. rabies. The available girl will be ready for export after 14th January 2024.

The parents have no common ancestry in the pedigree going back 5 generations. Link to the pedigree of the puppies on the pedigreedatabase here.

Description of parents:

Sire – Sharlie is a young two-year-old dog with semi-long hair. He lives in south-western France in the kennel “From the lands of Sköll et Hati”. He has a wonderful character, is very social, balanced, calm and attentive in all situations. He is in good health, he has wonderful results of a series of genetic tests. In 2022, he met the certification conditions for a breeding dog in France. First he became a stud dog at basic level 1. Since then, he has been gradually completing other tests and exams and this year he successfully passed a character test and thus moved to a higher level 3 (selective breeding). The test consisted of a gunshot test, proving he is not afraid of a crowd of people, running children, a stroller, an umbrella or tested his prey drive. He did very well in it. 

He has very dark pigmentation (black nose, dark lips, extremely dark eyes, dark skin, paw pads, etc.) and snow-white fur. His perfectly-set ears underline the noble head and form a very handsome masculine expression. He is a strong dog with fine body build, 65 cm tall and weighs 40 kg. He has beautiful movement and looks very noble in it. He likes to spend time with his family and likes to complete all the tasks he gets. He is involved in exhibitions a little and has basic training. In shows he was awarded several “excellent” at the breed specials and got a RCACS. He already has 4 litters in France, and another one is currently growing up in Italy. This will be his first litter in the Czech Republic, so we are looking forward to importing new blood. His pedigree includes very well-known and high-quality dogs from France, Hungary, Germany, and there are also traces of Czech blood. Bella brings Czech – Croatian ancestors into the bloodlines, so it’s a very interesting combination.


Mother – Bella is a two-year-old female with semi-long hair from our own breeding. He has great drive for work, can be easily motivated and does everything with great enthusiasm. Bella is very self-confident, not afraid of anything and loves to explore everything. She went through an intensive socialization programme with us from the time she was a puppy, and the time spent with her really pays off now. She is a very relaxed, loving and loyal dog.

She likes running and obedience training the most. She goes to the dog school regularly 1-2 times a week and trains both basic obedience, running over various obstacles (agility type), various tricks and even dog fitness. She is very hardworking. She loves running in a harness (canicross), in our free time we run a lot together. She has already completed a number of canicross, obstacle and dogtrekking races. And she won a lot of medals, titles and awards in them. She became the WSS champion in canicross 2022, the 2nd vice-champion in the dogtrekking special for WSS 2022, she won the largest night obstacle race in our country – Czech Dog Run Nightfall 2022 and many others. She successfully passed the endurance test (20 km run + obedience test). She was awarded the title of Master of Endurance Sports for her lifetime achievements in the field of endurance sports.

Bella is one of the whitest white shepherds we’ve ever seen, her coat is also very white (when she’s not running through the mud she loves so much) and her claws are beautifully dark, just the way she wants them to be. Therefore, in combination with the white sire of the litter, we also expect beautiful white offspring. She has a good body structure, a very strong frame, a deep chest, straight legs and topline, correct angulation and a well-carried tail. She is a very strong female.

So far, she has only attended a few shows, but she has already managed to collect enough points to be awarded the title of Czech WSS club champion and deserved the awards res. CACIB, CAC, CAJC, Excellent 1, and Very Promising 1. You can find more about Bella, her photos and videos on her personal page here.


Sharlie – HD A, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/+, DM n/n, NAH (dwarfism) +/+, DNA, character test passed, full dentition, scissor bite, 65 cm, 40 kg, semi-long coat

Bella – HD B, ED 0/0, MDR1+/+ by parentage, DM n/n by parentage, full teeth, scissor bite, 61 cm, 29 kg, semi-long coat


Puppies have good prospects for sports, training, exhibitions and also breeding and above all are ideal active companions for any activity with their new family. For the remaining puppies. We are looking for the best loving families, active, ideally interested in some dog sports or activities. The puppies have a full FCI pedigree (proof of parentage), will come with a pet passport, are regularly vaccined, dewormed, microchipped and will get a puppy pack for the start with equipment for the puppy, information and documents. We provide life-long breeder’s service. Visiting exhibitions or future breeding are welcome, but not a necessary condition for us. We are primarily looking for love, care and the perfect forever home for our puppies. We are able to export puppies almost all over the world, we already have offspring living in the USA, Mexico, China, Spain, Belarus, the UK, Ireland, Finland and the whole of Central Europe.

All our puppies in our kennel go through a sophisticated socialization programme with many stages. We pay great attention to socialization and focus on the fact that the puppies leave us perfectly confident, socialized and fearless. We start very early, just a few days after birth, and continue gradually with individual follow-up phases, according to the development of the puppies and in relation to their age. If the puppies stay with us until 8 weeks of age (when they can officially start leaving us), there are about 30 different socialisation stages. If they are to be exported to a country which does not accept puppies before full vaccination (15 weeks), then they have to stay with us longer due to export conditions and regulations of these foreign countries. Then there can be up to 50 socialization stages altogether. We film every part of the socialization process on videos, which we send together with a lot of photos to future owners as part of regular reports, or we publish selected videos on our website, YouTube channel and FB page of our kennel. For a clearer idea of ​​how socialization looks like and what each phase means, you can read about this in the previous litters, and watch the individual published socialization videos – e.g. for litter H here, F here, or litter B here. Alternatively, visit our Youtube channel here, where you can find all our videos (already over 300 different videos) in one place.

Before going to their new homes, our puppies go through a character test (Volhard’s puppy aptitude test), where their character traits and assumptions are tested. Based on the results of this test, the plans of the future owners for the puppies and in agreement with them, we select the most suitable puppies for the best families so that they “suit” together as best as possible.

If you are interested in applying for a puppy from our kennel, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SHARLIE des Gardiens de Sauron
Neo Of Ice Wine
Charis z Blatenských luk
Caely's White Flower Evening Star
GCH CZ,CH CZ,JCH CZ,Veteran CH CZ,Club CH,MISS 2009-2010, ZOP, BH
Ginna la Blankpapilio
EW'13 MULTICHampion, BH
Nikita vom Kofelort
VDH, Club CH, BH
Baxter vom Kofelort
Cheyenne vom Kofelort
Mara des Gardiens de Sauron
Ghandi du Domaine de Laya
C'Tyson du Royaume des Crocs Blancs
Danka des Jardins du lys Blancs
Hayka des Terres de Taranis
Celtic du Domaine de Turnago Villares
Fergy de l'Ange Gardien de Faujus
Club show champion Master of Endurance sports 1st place WSS Championship in canicross 2022 (adult + child cathegory) 1st place Czech Dog Run Nightfall 2022 1st place Mushing race Břežanská stopa 1st place Extreme Dog Race Biřička 2023 (junior) 3rd place Extreme Dog Race Steeplechase 2022 (junior) 3rd place special dogtrekking race for WSS 2022 Endurance test res. CACIB CAC, CAJC, Excellent 1, Very promising 1
C.I.B., Multi Grand CH, Multi CH, JCh, BIS 3
AXEL Donnevara
Grand Champion CZ, Champion CZ, Champion ČMKU, Club Champion, Winner of specialty show, Regional winner, multi BOS/CACIB/CAC/CAJC...
BARNET Abraska
res. CAC, výborná
Blesk od Kunovského lesa
Nejl.mladý plemene, CAJC, Výborná, Velmi nadějná
Grand Ch CZ, Ch. CZ+SK, Club Ch., National winner
Ares z Nového Malína
2x Res.CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB, Klubový champion, 2x CACIB
Nataly Cheryl Donnevara
C.I.B., Grand šampion, Multi šampion, Junior šampion
VENDETTA od Bijelih Andela
Inter Champion, Champion of France, IPO 1, IPO V, TAN, TAT, CSAU
Ice Echo du Bois des Ternes
Multi Champion, TAN
Echo du Bois des Ternes
Horsebo Empire
Junior Champion of Slovenia, Karavanka winner 2017, Champion of BiH, Champion of Federation BiH, Champion of Slovenia, BIS
Naomi od Bijelih Andela
Inter Champion, Multi Champion
Yole vom Sutumer Grund
Junior Champion, Champion
Azra Zora vom Sutumer Grund

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