* 2021-01-15breeding female

Bella is a female from our own breeding programme, litter of “B”eetles (AXEL x VENDETTA). As we lacked a short haired female in our pack, and this one was the loveliest puppy, it was decided, that she will become our new addition to the pack. Bella is very work-oriented, motivated and has great drive, so we started to take her to obedience trainings since very young. Her skills decelopped perfectly and she made a lot of progress. Everybody was excited about this great little puppy. But she is also very cheeky and stubborn after her mother. If she really does not want to do something, she just won’t do it. She has just one master and she will obey and work with him, nobody else.

Bella is one of the whitest WSS we know, her hair is really snowhite (if she didn’t just run through some mud, which she loves most of all). Her claws are very dark, just as they should be. She has fine body build, strong bones, wide chest, straight legs, correct angulation, well carried tail. She is majestic.

She took part in only just a few shows so far, but nontheless she already achieved the club Champion title and grade res. CACIB, Excellent 1, Very promising 1 and several titles CAJC and CAC.

Bella is very self-confident, fearless and she loves exploring new things. She has undergone our thorough socialisation programme and now it pays off. She grew up to an easy-going, loving and caring dog.

She has fully joined us in our sports activities, too. She loves canicross and obstacle running, she took part in some races and got a few great placements and achievements. She became the Champion of WSS in canicross 2022 both in women’s and children’s cathegories. She won the biggest night obstacle race in  the Czech Republic – Czech Dog Run Nightfall 2022, became the second vice champion of the special dogtrekking race for WSS in 2022. She has also some succeses in the junior cathegories – Extreme Dog Race 1st + 3rd place. She managed to pass the Endurance test (20 km rum + obedience test). For her life-long achievements in sports she was awarded the title Master of Endurance sports.

In Spring 2023 she  successfully passed the breeding test and we welcomed her first litter in September 2023. Some puppies available. More information here.


  • Club show champion
  • Master of Endurance sports
  • 1st place WSS Championship in canicross 2022 (adult + child cathegory)
  • 1st place Czech Dog Run Nightfall 2022
  • 1st place Mushing race Břežanská stopa
  • 1st place Extreme Dog Race Biřička 2023 (junior)
  • 3rd place Extreme Dog Race Steeplechase 2022 (junior)
  • 3rd place special dogtrekking race for WSS 2022
  • Endurance test
  • res. CACIB
  • CAC,
  • CAJC,
  • Excellent 1,
  • Very promising 1

Additional information

Height61 cm
Teethfull dentition, scissor bite
MDR 1+/+ po rodičích
DMn/n po rodičích
Bonitation codeIa/E3,F2,J1,K(1+2+6),X(0+3)/I
Breeding licencebreeding female FCI
OffspringLitter “K”rakens Niktel (CZ)


C.I.B., Multi Grand CH, Multi CH, JCh, BIS 3
AXEL Donnevara
Grand Champion CZ, Champion CZ, Champion ČMKU, Club Champion, Winner of specialty show, Regional winner, multi BOS/CACIB/CAC/CAJC...
BARNET Abraska
res. CAC, výborná
Blesk od Kunovského lesa
Falco of Kim's dream
ADRIANA u Panáka
Nejl.mladý plemene, CAJC, Výborná, Velmi nadějná
Cleo z Nuslaudy
Julie Nycol Elbigi
Grand Ch CZ, Ch. CZ+SK, Club Ch., National winner
Ares z Nového Malína
Cino Giacomo Elbigi
Alexis of White Glory
2x Res.CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB, Klubový champion, 2x CACIB
Nataly Cheryl Donnevara
Grand šampion ČR, Multišampion, BOB
Dragon la Blankpapilio
Grand šampion ČR, Multišampion, BOB
Genny Lee Donnevara
C.I.B., Grand šampion, Multi šampion, Junior šampion
VENDETTA od Bijelih Andela
Inter Champion, Champion of France, IPO 1, IPO V, TAN, TAT, CSAU
Ice Echo du Bois des Ternes
Multi Champion, TAN
Echo du Bois des Ternes
Champion, Nord JW 05, Fin Winner 06
Snamerto Snaomner
Dakota Van Hiemrod
Horsebo Empire
Champion DK, European Winner 04, NorduCh
Nice Of You To Come Bye Mojo
Champion DK, European Winner 04, NorduCh
Enjoy Of White Sunshine
Junior Champion of Slovenia, Karavanka winner 2017, Champion of BiH, Champion of Federation BiH, Champion of Slovenia, BIS
Naomi od Bijelih Andela
Inter Champion, Multi Champion
Yole vom Sutumer Grund
Multi Champion, TAN, CSAU, TST
I Love Boy P'tits Loups d'Amou
Multi Champion (DJ, D, DK), BH/VT
Only You vom Sutumer Grund
Junior Champion, Champion
Azra Zora vom Sutumer Grund
Multi Champion (DJ, D, DK), BH/VT
Vin Diesel of Haely's Future
Maybe Magic Lou vom Sutumer Grund

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