DIAMOND White Alaska Dancing With Wolves

* 2017-09-06breeding female
DIAMOND White Alaska Dancing With Wolves

Diamond – “Daimee” is a long coated female, who enlarged our family in November 2017. She comes from Poland and has excellent pigmentation, extremely dark eyes, solid bones and excellent build. She is perfectly socialised, she knows the rules of the pack as well as all common sounds of a household. She has great character, she is self-confident, not fearful or timid. She does not fear anything – people, cars, other dogs, nor anything else. She is very calm and easy-going. She loves human company and is grateful for any expression of favour. Sometimes she visits old people to make them smile. She has canistherapy abilities.

She is also very playful and temperament. She loves running and is a great canicrosser, so she extremely loves doing canicross, dog-scotering and competing in obstacle races with us. She won many 1st places in different races and she was even granted the prestigeous title “The best hard working WSS in endurance sports for the year 2018” when she won the 1st palce in the yearlong club competition for runners. For her lifetime sports results she also got the title “Master of endurance sports”. Running keeps her in perfect shape, she is very fit and healthy.

She is a great member of the pack and is a darling for us and our two children. They play together and are not bored at all.

She has collected a huge amount of trophies, awards and titles in shows, too. She became the Czech club Grand Champion as only the 14th female in the 25 year long history of the Czech club. She also became the junior and adult champion and grand champion of several countries. She achieved a great success, when she won the yearlong competition for show dogs in Slovakia 2018. She collected the most points for her Slovak show results and finished on the 1st place among more than 80 WSS exhibited in Slovakia throughout the whole year.

In September 2019 she successfully passed the breeding test and got her breeding licence with excellent assesment of all criteria and with special praise for her extremely dark (almost black) eyes and perfectly wide muscular chest. She has full dentition, perfect health results.

In 2021 she became mother of 5 beautiful “C”andies. In November 2022 she gave us 7 “G”ummibears and her next litter is planned for autumn 2024. In case of interest in a puppy do not hesitate to contact us.

Diamond’s pedigree on pedigredatabase here.


  • Grand Champion Slovakia
  • Grand Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Grand Champion Kosovo
  • Czech Club Grand Champion
  • Champion Czech Republic
  • Champion Slovakia
  • Champion Lithuania
  • Champion Serbia
  • Champion Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Champion Kosovo
  • Champion Montenegro
  • Czech Club Champion
  • Junior Champion Slovakia
  • Junior Champion Lithuania
  • Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2018 - 1st place (breed winner)
  • BOG
  • Junior BIG 1 (Best in Group)
  • multi BOB
  • Junior BOB(BOJ)
  • multi CACIB/CAC/CAJC
  • Child and dog, 3-9 years - 1. place
  • The best WSS in endurance sports 2018
  • Master of endurance sports
  • Junior champion OCRV for WSS 2022
  • 1st place Extreme Dog Race
  • 1st place Wild Grizzy race

Additional information

Height59 cm
Teethfull dentition, scissor bite
MDR 1+/+ po rodičích
DMN/N po rodičích
Bonitation codeIIa/C(0+6),E3,K1/II
Lumbosacral vertebraLÜV 0
Breeding licenceFCI breeding female
OffspringLitter “G”ummiBears Niktel (CZ)Litter “C”andies Niktel (CZ)


Grand Ch BG, Multi CH (Balkan, LT, BG, RO, PL), JCh PL
MADISON P'tits Loups d'Amour
Multi CH (DE, CZ, FR, DK, LU), Multi JCh, TAN FH2
Juan Aiko P'tits Loups d'Amour
Juan of Skah Dakota
Born to Win White Dante
JWW 05
Ezira-Shideezhi Of Skah Dakota
Chérie Perly Vom Sutumer Grund
Moon Shine Miraja (Capo)
Perlayne vom Sutumer Grund
Hangun P'tits Loups d'Amour
Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng
Hunther White Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng
Juma Green Kann Schimmelpfeng
Angun White Viper du Bois des Ternes
Apache of White Energy
Viper du Bois des Ternes
CH HU, Multi JCh (PL, BG, SRB, HR, Balkan), Grand JCh BG, Poland club winner 2017
CH IT, CH Repro
Bacco di Casa Rovai
Quai Yukon vom Sutumer Grund
WW 2010, CH Nord, SE, Rally-B
Crunch vom Stainzer Schilcherland
WW 2011, Europa winner 2017
Aliena White Princess vom Sutumer Grund
True Love of White Wolves Home
White Wolf O'Connor
Kiss me Babe of the White Wolves Home
Multi CH, JCh, JTopdog, TANC, BH
Rosehill Duchesse de Brabant
EST JW06, Balt CH
Born to Win White Angel
Royal von Tasz Classic
Elvira Taien
Coolabah Glamour Girl Mist
Royal Damien of Teen's Desire
Coolabah Bunya Mist

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