* 2020-10-16

AYRA ANGEL Niktel (pink ribbon)  lives in Mexico and enjoys the Mexican sunshine. She became a family companion and a sports partner for a young active family. 

Her export was extremely complicated in the strict Covid lockdown, but we worked literally night and day to make it possible. The new owners have waited for a puppy from us for almost 2 years so we did not want to keep them waiting any longer. Although a lot of troubles occured during organising the transport, we managed to solve everything after all.
1) The first problem was that the chosen transport company turned out very unreliable after changing the conditions and dates of travel for the 4th time. So we decided to organise everything by ourselves.
2) Another thing was that we did not want her to change planes or stay in a pet hotel at an airport to make the travel the least stressful as possible. So we found a direct flight Amsterdam – Mexico City and planned to drive her the 900 km to Amsterdam by ourselves.
3) We bought the flight tickets, but just a few days prior to the planned travel the borders in Europe closed due to Covid. We discussed the situation with many authorities and finally got the permission to drive through Germany and enter the Netherlands in this case and under strict rules.
4) Mexican laws allow animals to enter from 10 weeks of age, but we did not want her to travel so young. At this age the puppies are very fragile and are undergoing the fear period, so it would be highly risky to let her travel at that time. So for her sake we waited until this phase passed and finally she travelled at 19 weeks of age.
5) The customs clearance in Mexico is a very lengthy and complicated process. We were in contact with the authorities a few days before the travel, in order to get the necessary permission for the flight company. Even though we did our best we did not have this permission at the time Erik and Ayra had to leave the Czech Republic. So they left without it not knowing if AYRA will be let into the plane and we prayed we will get it in the next few hours before they arrive in Amsterdam. Finally we got it 10 minutes before boarding the plane.
6) After flying 9220 km Ayra landed in Mexico City. But before letting AYRA onto Mexican gound, she had to be health tested, to make sure that she has all the declared vaccinations and parasite treatments. Unfortunately at that time the working day in Mexico finished and the airport staff went home, so she had to wait until the next day. We were in contact with many people in Mexico pressuring them to make sure that before approving her, she will be looked after, given water, food and walked.
7) We also had to get many stamps, permits and documents from our vet as well as from the state veterinary office to comply with all the Mexican rules for import of pets. But we managed to do everything that was necessary and after the long journey and lonh approving procedure, Ayra was handed over to the new owners.
We are extremely happy that everything went well after all and she can now enjoy her new life in Mexico.

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