WSS Championship in Canicross

2022-10-28Němčice u Kolína
WSS Championship in Canicross
We are the champions!!!
Well what to add, this just worked. We did everything we could and in very difficult conditions we strived as much as we could and it paid off. We won in every cathegory, we entered.
The trac was just 3,3 km, so we expected a relatively easy sprint run. BUT… The chip nr. 666 told us it will be hell. And it was. The sand on the ground made it difficult to run in, there were steep bends, uphill and downhill passages, and roots covered in fallen leaves, so ve had to take special care to manage everything. And of course, then there was the weather. For the end of October, one would expect a cold foggy day ideal for running, but mother Nature prepared a hot sunny day, so it was really hell. We were boiling even when preparing for the race. Although we showered us and the dogs in cold water before the start, it did not help and we were very hot.
When choosing the dogs for the race, we took a great risk. Instead of the experienced ones, we took the young light females, Erik Amiga and Mirka Bella. At the beginning they sprinted well in the front, but slowly the tow went weaker and weaker. The last kilometer was the worst, they Bella did not help much and Mirka had to put all her strength to maintain the pace. But it worked. Erik finished in the average pace 3:58 min/km and came first in the WSS Championship (23rd among all breeds over 15 kg and all men) so they became with Amiga the Champions of WSS in Canicross. Mirka finished also first jut 10 sec. before the second woman, so it was tight. They were 33rd/99 in total.
Natalie and Vendetta entered the cathegory older juniors (11-15), ran 1,5 km for 6:55 min and won there. Caroline ran among children. They were with Bella the only WSS couple so they automatically won the children’s cathegory. Among all girls they came 4th.
We borrowed our best canicrosser Frozen to Renata Hallová and they cane 6th, Vlastimil Halla ran with our progeny Amelie Angel Niktel (Amiga’s sister, Frozen’s daughter) and they finished bronze. We also saw a dog from our litter B in his first ever race – Barnie Beetle Niktel came with his mistress Nada 8th. They were very nervous at the beginning, but finally they enjoyed the race and are looking forward to another one in a few weeks. Our Cotton Candy Niktel ran with junior Josefine. They came 2nd. Josefine is looking forward to having her own WSS Soon and will hopefully run in the future together, too. In the younger juniors we could see Valentýna Hallová, who ran with Amelie, and won. It was their first time they ran together alone without company of the parents. Congratulations.
Apart from canicross, there was also a bikejöring and scooterjöring race in the morning. This did not belong to the championship, but was open for all breeds. Erik ran in cathegory SC2 – scooter + 2 dogs – Axel and Vendetta. This was great. It is huge adrenalin and they sprinted the whole track, check the video from the race.
Thanks to all the organisers, sponsors, helpers and photographers. We are looking to the next year’s edition already.

Photos from event

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