World dog show 2017

2017-11-11Leipzig, Germany
World dog show 2017

We were looking forward to the most awaited show of the year – the World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany, where we were supposed to be going with Axel. Nontheless our new little female Daimee, who came to us just a week before the WDS, changed our plans. At the age of just 9 weeks she has not yet got all necessary vaccinations, so it is unthinkable to go to such an action with thousands of other dogs with her. We can not leave her home alone of course, and we do not want to stress her by giving her to somebody, who she has never seen before, for petsitting for the whole day. So because of the fact, that health, safety and comfort of our dogs is the most important thing for us, we have to miss this years’ WDS as well as both international dog shows in Prague a week berofe. We apologize to everybody, who wanted to meet Axel personally at the show. We hope to have another opportunity of meeting at some other place soon. Thank you for understanding.


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