2023-02-25Ski areal Krajka, Kraslice
Our first race of the season. We were looking forward to it the whole winter, but then things started to get complicated. It was freezing cold, snowy and daddy fell ill. That meant I was supposed to drive with the girls, dogs and all the stuff in our mini car. It was too late to tell the kids we are not going anywhere. And Caroline (6) said she wanted to run too, to bring daddy his medal. I thought she would change her mind later, so I did not argue with her. But she didn’t. It was a very difficult race, almost 6 km long, 250 m elevation, hard terrain and a few obstacles.
I started first with our daughter Natalie (12), and our partners were Frozen and Amiga, also mother and daughter. Natalie had high anbitions, for the first time there was a cathegory for juniors to 15 years of age so she wanted a medal. And she succeded, they came first in the time 48:25. I came 11th in my cathegory out of 51 women in the time 44:02.
Then I just quickly changed my jacket and went to the start again, this time with Caroline. I was tired and the thought of running another 6 km and once again up the terrible steep hill was not pleasant. But I couldn’t tell Caroline she is not running, she wanted to give it a try. I thought she would give up after 1-2 km or we would just walk the whole way, but nope. She finished the race in a time 1:32:00 and was so happy. This time she asked ne if she can run alone with Frozen. Normally I am on a double bungee leash with her, to be able to regulate the strength of the dog. For the last 2 years webran like this. But now Frozen is very reasonable and knows who is behind her. With me she runs as fast as she can, with Caroline she maintains a very slight tow and watches her all the time if she is fine. When Caroline fell in the snow, she immediately stopped and waited until she got up. She was absolutely wonderful with Caroline. I was prepared to help any time but it was not really necessary, they did such a perfect job together.
In the finish they got a well deserved finisher medal and some gifts for the youngest participant of the race. Caroline enjoyed the race very much and is so happy she managed it all alone. I am very proud of both my girls and our wonderful dogs.

Photos from event

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