Winter Dog Game 2022

2022-02-26Ski areal Krajka, Kraslice
Winter Dog Game 2022
Racing season 2022 successfully started! 🤩
After 2 months’s racing pause, we stood at the start once again. The race was held at a ski areal, so it promised a lot of snow, cold and hils. And yes, that was exactly what we found there. It snowed when we started. Somewhere there were cca 20-30 cm snod, so it was almost impossible to run. Track was very technical. First half only uphill, 240 meters elevation. But it was greal, I missed the racing atmosphere.
Erik Lajbner ran with Axel and finished on a perfect 2nd place/8. Skazka and I 14./49, Natálka and Diamond 32/49. Also our progeny ran their first race – Amálka and Amiga from the Angels litter and they did very well!

Photos from event

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