Water Dog Game Sokolov 2021

2021-07-31Jižní Lom, Sokolov
Water Dog Game Sokolov 2021

We like the races in Sokolov, so we were looking forward to this new edition of a water game race. Apart from water, there was also a lot of mud everywhere, so it was an obstacle race with everything it must have. All 5 adults from our pack took part in the race. We ran with Erik and our daughter Natalie and 2 friends borrowed our dogs too. |The race was very difficult, so it was a pleasant surprise, that Erik finished 3rd with Axel. Natalie unfortunately got injured, when Frozen pulled too hard downhill and she fell down. But she didn!t give up and finished the race limping to the end, so she deserves the finisher medal. For Vlastimil Halla it was his first race with a dog ever. His own dog (our offspring Amálka) is still too young to race, so she borrowed our skilled Diamond and they did very well, too.

Photos from event

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