Water Dog Game 2022

2022-07-30Jižní Lom, Sokolov
Water Dog Game 2022
This was a race with a huge portion of water, mud, swimming and adrenalin. This time we chose for the race our youngest racers Amiga and Bella. For Bella it was the first race in her life. She had a harness on just a few times so far so it was a big test, how she will manage the racing atmosphere. She managed perfectly and was great. Amiga has run a few races before, in the running passages she was excellent, but we understood, she is more a canicrosser than an obstacle racer. When we are outside on a walk, she does not mind going through muddy poodles on the path, but here we had to explain and show her it is fine and she can go in the water or mud. I do not like swimming the the nature ponds normally very much, especially in cold and ditry water, but surprisingly in a race I do not think about it and jump directly in the mud.
Anyway this race was for us more about teaching the young dogs than breaking speed limits, And what’s more, Erik twisted his ankle just 5 mins before the start again, so for a while he hesitated, whether to run or not. Finally he risked it and ran, but it hurt quite a lot, so in the next few weeks he is going to have a rest again. Otherwise the race was nice, as always. Natalie ran with her running partner Vendetta and they get on great together. All obstacles, as well as swimming across a lake was a piece of cake for them. After all also our Diamond could start with Renata Hallová, whose Destiny got a little ill the day before the race. Daimee is a great racer, so it if really fun to run with her. I will have to run a race with her again to remember the old days together. Vlastimil Halla ran with Amelie (Amiga’s sister), who is getting into it and is also very tallented.

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