Tlapkros CC race

Tlapkros CC race

Tlapkros race 2019 – the race where I missed my start, for the first time in my life

Finally a race, which was held just a few minute drive from our home, so it was great as a Saturday morning plan. We We ran on the routes through local hilly forests beforehand, so we knew exactly what to expect. I thought nothing can surprise me. For the first time in my life I chose the longer route MID for 8 km, instead of a SPRINT one for 4 km. There were two huge steep hills in the race, which we were extremely “looking forward to”. We went to the registration early in the morning, then there followed the usual chores such as walk the dogs, dress, take the running trainers, put on harnesses, check everything that it fits well, put on the measuring chip, take enough tissues on me, bite into an energy snack, stretch, warm up, go to the tiolet at least 4 times… and slowly go to the start, where the first couples started to gather. Our starting time was set at 10h:01min:30s, still enough time. Then the first racers started. One and a half minute to go. Damn, I need to pee, again, for the fifth time. I can hear that they are calling my starting number already to come to the start. But I am waving at the starter that I must go to the toilet first. The idea of running 8 km with the need to pee all the time was awful. I will make it for sure, I rush to the mobile toilet, damn the harness, I can’t unfasten it…Finally. Exactly at 10:01:30 I rush from the toilet, clip the dog to me with one hand, wave to the starter with the other that I am on my way. Daimee is looking at me with the style “Are you mad? What’s going on?” Then she gets it we are racing already and starts to tow. We speed through the start cca 60 m away in full speed many seconds behind the official starting time. There is no time to explain for explanations, I just run as fast as I can. Oh no, I ran out of breath…too soon, still 7,5 km to go. As I was trying to catch up the loss of time from the start, I underestimated the speed and went breathless. OMG, that will be a great race. During the next few hundred meters I calmed down, shook off the shock, stopped to swear and start to breath regularly. From now on the race begins to develop normally. Finally the FINISH! But this time it did not end for me there. After crossing the finish line (in the time 41:41, pace 5:19 min/km, rank 9/18) I take care of Daimee, change into dry clothes and change the dogs. Put Daimee in the car, take Frozen out. Stretch and to the start again. Natalie was not allowed to participate officially in the race (due to her age) but we could run through the 4 km route out of the race. But the organisators started to put down the musher signs marking the route, so I had to run with her. I was quite happy with the pace of a 8-year-old child this time. We came back just in time to hear the announcement of the winners. I must say after all it was a nice race, perfectly managed and organised with peaceful atmosphere. For the first year it was perfect. So we enjoyed it at the end and Natalie was also happy that she could run. And what’s more they promised us to open also the children’s cathegories next year.

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