Season ending race Zavírák 2021

2021-11-20 - 2021-11-21Kolesa u Pardubic
Season ending race Zavírák 2021
Two day racing marathon held by Bě at the end of the season. They were full of adrenalin, action, thrill and joy and pain. Our pact stoo at the starting line 11 times. We ran canicross as well as rode a scooter. It was fantastic. 🤩
-Caroline (5) with Frozen in the age group 0-8 and in a race for 300 m won the girls cathegory!!! 🥇I can’t believe it that she ran in the pace 4:08 min/km.😱
– Natalie (10) with Vendetta in the age group 9-12 let and in a race for 1300 m finished 4th. He average pace 3:45 min/km was also unbelievable 😅
– Mirka (me) and Erik ran the sprint track for 4,8 km
– our friends also ran with our dogs Vlastimil Halla and Renata Hallová with Daimee a Skazka also ran sprint and the chilren’s race with little Valentyne.
– for the first time ever, Erik tried a race in SC2 – dog scootering with 2 dogs. Almost 5 km in strong competition and in time 15:07 (pace 3:07 min/km) they finished 4th🙂
– and finally at the end of the day we ran an extra short race for 2 km (me, Erik and Natalie). For the first time we ran under 4 min/km and finished the race in total time 8:20 and average pace 3:52 min/km. 😎
It was a lovely sporting weekend.

Photos from event

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