Salomon Ještěd Skyrace 2023

Salomon Ještěd Skyrace 2023
Challenge accepted – challenge completed
Mountain race for 22 km with the run to the Ještěd mountain top twice and evevation about 1400 m. Definitely the hardest ace we have ever run.
Maybe we should have read the definition of Skyrunning first – it is defined as an „extreme sport in the nature, mountain race where the racers run in high levels above the sea level and elevation is over 30 %.“.
Well, this explains everything. The elevation and terrain full of rocks, roots and mud was brutal. At some places we had to climb on all four. On the way down we prayed not to trip. And there has been a lot of rain lately, so there was water everywhere and the track was very slippery. We also fell a few times, but fortunately could continue. . But we never give up so we did it and finished the race. That was the main goat this race, just to survive. And we did and the feeling is amazing.
Erik and Amiga finished the race in the time 3:57:55. I chose Vendetta and finished after 4:38:19. Both girls were great and worked very hard. They ran as if it was a piece of cake. We have fantastic running partners.
Together with the Skyrace there were also 2 shorter (but not easier) tracks – Trail for 13 km (945 m elevation) and Easy 6 km (300+ m elevation). Natalie desperately wanted to strt in Trail cathegory. I did not want to let her, as at the age of 12 I was afraid it would be too difficult for her. But finally I agreed and she did great. They finished with Diamond in the time 2:50:42,managed to face all difficulties on the track and run up the mountain twice as well. . Renata and Vlastimil Halla started with her, too. Unfortunately their dogs got injured just a few days befare the race, so they had to borrow some of ours – Skazka and Bella. Good we have so many of them. And Bella’s brother Barnie rand as well. He took part in the 6 km race with his owner Naďa. So there really were a lot of Whites on Ještěd this weekend.
Congratulations to everybody. You are all winners!
And see you next year on the start againg. #JESTEDFOREVER #DYCKYJESTED

Photos from event

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