Progeny meeting 2023

2023-05-14Horní Bezděkov u Kladna
Progeny meeting 2023

We organised a wonderful WSS meeting of our progeny. We were amazed how many people and dogs came. 24 WSS and 37 people from the Czech 🇨🇿 and Slovak 🇸🇰Republic. Many of them travelled long hours just to meet us, their siblings and friends. Some others planned also to come (even from other countries) but unfortunately the circumstances did not allow them to. Hopefully it will work next time. Anyway, we enjoyed the afternoon very much, we chatted, went for a walk, showed stacking and showing teeth, discussed the breeding test, then we had a barbecue, and ate and drank different yummies what everybody brought. The atmosphere was wonderful and friendly. All the dogs were very easy going, played together and ran around wild. Absolutely fantastic afternoon!

So how many will come next time? 🙂

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