Night canicross race Leskros – Krkavec

Night canicross race Leskros – Krkavec

Night canicross race to the Krkavec hill – It was supposed to be fun, something new, adrenalin and interesting. But somewhere it was a complete fight for one’s life. The track led through the forest up a steep hill. That was quite OK. Then it logically went down the steep hill. That was much worse. But the worst thing was the terrain of the track, where we ran. Stones and roots were almost everywhere, which was of course very tricky and sometimes even dangerous. This track would be difficult to run on even during the day, let alone at night. Of course we had high performance headlamps, I also took a small torch in my hand, but it still was not enough. It was difficult to explain this to the excited dogs with 4×4 and better night sight. So quite a few people got hurt in the race. Some had to have a few stitches, plasters, gypsum or crutches. I was one of the luckier ones, who survived without any harm (finished 9th/18 in my cathegory). Unfortunately even Erik twisted his ankle badly during one downhill section around the middle of the course. But he still finished the race (another cca 3 km) limping or hopping on one leg and with big pain. He just never gives up. The saddest thing on this all is that he will be out for the rest of the season. We were supposed to take part in the top races of the season in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. At least we will be wiser when choosing the future races after this experience.

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