National dog show Brno, January 2020

National dog show Brno, January 2020

Wow, what a show‼️ We came back from the NDS Brno (11.1.2020, 47 WSS entered) with one new Czech Grand Champion and one new Czech Champion!!! Unbelievable.

AXEL Donnevara, champion class
Exc. 1, CAC, National winner, BOS
He finished the Czech Grand Champion title (only 40 Czech WSS have managed this before in the whole history of the breed since 1994)

FROZEN Of Trebons Berger Blanc, open class
Exc. 1, CAC (6 females)
She became the NEW Czech Champion at only 21 months.

SKAZKA Iz Beloy Brigady, puppy class for the last time
VP3 (8 females)
Great result with such strong competition.

Thanks to the judge Leoš Jančík (CZ).

Just the medals and cups did not go home with us. Right after we picked them up, we gave them as a present to two very unhappy little girls. Their dog accidentaly missed the judging of his class at his first show. Afterwards the judge said: “It’s a pitty he would have won”. So we could not leave the two princesses crying there. And immediately the tears were over. Good luck we had both medals and cups in two copies.

After the show we met some other canicross enthusiasts with white shepherds and organised a canicross run round Brno together.

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