MUD DOG RACE Spring 2021

MUD DOG RACE Spring 2021
As always it was hard, but a great race. Our companions Frozen and Vendetta did very well. The obstacles were difficult, running passages long and mud everywhere😅. This race is nothing for princesses or over-sensitive people, but for those who won’t get scared of anything, who don’t mind getting bad or dirty and want to win over themselves. It’s a challenge🤩. The trust between the racing du must be 100 %, enthusiasm and cooperation is most important. 🐾🥰
Our daughter Natalie (10 years old) was the youngest participant of the race😱. There were no children’s cathegories, so she was competing with adults. I started with her, so that I would make sure she managed to overcome the first round of difficult obstacles with Vendetta. But they managed very well even without me, I helped just very little💪. But for my own patience I ran with her the whole first half of the race (over-caring mother🙄). Then we parted ant the whole second half she managed all by herself. Finally they finished 88th out of 102 women (51st in the cathegory with dogs 20-35 kg). I came 21st with Frozen after all in our cathegory, but this was not about results, this was about the great experience.

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