2019-06-01Southern Quarry Sokolov

Our first obstacle race. It was great, we enjoyed every minute of it! We are no princesses, we love adrenalin and we fear nothing. The track consisted of 25 obstacles (tons of water, mud, heaps of tyres, soil, stones, rivers to cross, and much more). The length of the track was finally shortened a bit to 4,3 km, due to very high temperatures. And if anyone liked this track, it was Erik and Axel. They ran for their lives, nobody has ever seen them run like that before. The water was nicely refreshing in the heat, so all the muddy and watery obstacles were very pleasant, not unpleasant, as it may seem. Axel easily overwent all obstacles easily, he did not try to avoid anything. He helped Erik as much as he could, we did not know he had so much strength, endurance and devotion in him. They both enjoyed the race very much, finished the track in great time 29:34 and they won 1. place in this race. Their victory in their first obstacle race was completely unexpected but very well deserved.

Mirka with Daimee finished 17th out of 67 racers in the cathegory (better than usually in the middle, so full satisfaction). Time 31:11. Daddy – Madison P’tits Loups d’Amour – you can be proud of your little girl, she sure inherited some of your qualities in this branch.


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