Klatovy in Pink

Klatovy in Pink

We like Klatovy very much, so we were looking forward to the show. Styled in traditional pink colour we came early in the morning. This time our ring was at the outside area, but thanks to lovely weather it was very pleasant. This years’ dry and quite warm weather is fine also for our pre-show jogging, so Daimee and I ran up to the top of a nearby hill with the local lookout tower.

We like the judge Petra Márová (CZ) very much. We have met her several times before and we consider her judging objective and fair, even though quite strict, but that’s the way it should be. This time there were 2 young females in the ring. Daimee won 1st place, grade Excellent 1, but without granting the title CAJC. It is true, that after shedding this spring there is not much of her lovely fluffy hair left. She should have a little better coat, but we heared it is a common problem this year with all long haired. So we hope it will soon be better. But apart from the quality of her coat the judge did not criticise anything else.

Frozen trained in the ring before the judging started so that her socialization gets to a new level.

Videos from the show (judging of Daimee and training with Frozen) can be seen on our FB profile.

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