Kaolin Dog Race Autumn 2023

2023-09-09Jižní Lom, Sokolov
Kaolin Dog Race Autumn 2023
The last chance to race in the amazing environment of the South Quarry in Sokolov before the excavators raze it to the ground. So at least part of our running team went to enjoy this year’s final episode of the Dirty dog challenge series to the maximum. On Friday afternoon to warm up the family run without dogs, in the evening a night obstacle mud run with dogs by the light of headlamps and on Saturday the daily classic Kaolin dog race. As always, it was perfect. This time, the rest of the team sat at home and watched the birth of a new life all night long . Next time hopefully in a complete lineup again, and in a new location for future racing adventures.
Congratulations to Ondra with our Diamond to the first place.

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