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2017-08-12Mladá Boleslav

We attended an international dog show in Mladá Boleslav. Fortunately, the weather was kind to us, all the rain came down the day before, so at the day of the show we even spotted the sun occasionally. The judge: Ratibor Cekić Rale (SRB) had a very strange way of judging. He did not speak much, to most of the exhibitors he did not say a word, so it was sometimes a little confusing. He dictated the description very quietly, so nobody knew the results, until we got the written description. So we wanted to read it there, but there were such illegible hieroglyphs, that we could not read anything. He did not mark the grades when granting “very good”, so we do not know the order of dogs in our class. And another thing which was not really OK was, that he admitted to the ring a dog, which came late, at the moment when the judging of the group was almost complete.

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