NDS Interdog Bohemia 2019, CZ

2019-07-13Mladá Boleslav, CZ
NDS Interdog Bohemia 2019, CZ

For this years’ national dog show in Mladá Boleslav we entered 3 dogs of our pack. Daimee had to stay at home, she was scheduled to be on heat.

In the morning we went for a very pleasant jog in the local park and then we went to enjoy the running in the ring. The judge was strict Mr. Miroslav Václavík, who always notices every minor mistake of any dog and does not hesitate to award worse ratings. We always like to read his judge reports. There were almost 40 WSS entered this year.

Complete results:

Vendetta – Exc. 3

Frozen – Exc. 2

Axel – VG 3

Photos from event

Videos from event

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