Intercanis Brno

Intercanis Brno

This time we went to Brno to compete just with Daimee. In the morning before the show, we went jogging, as usual. It is something like our ritual, every morning before the show we run about 4-5 kms. Daimee stretches nicely and than she runs is in the ring fine, relaxed and moves lightly and freely.

As it is traditional for Brno, there was huge competition. In the junior class, there were 6 females. Daimee as always the youngest. Judge Viera Staviarská (SK). In the end we finished on a fantastic second place in that competition with nice description and grade Exc. 2.

Frozen has not yet reached 4 months, so she still could not compete, but she was there with us, so that she gets used to the show environment as much as possible berfore her show premiere.

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