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47 WSS entered


Thanks to judge Petra Márová. Frozen reached the age of 15 months exactly today, so this was her very first chance to enter intermediate class. There was very strong competition of 6 females. The judge absolutely loved her light movement and perfect body build. We were very pleased to win the class of 6 and start collecting titles for the Czech adult championship. With every show she becomes more and more experienced and now it is a pleasure to present her. She knows perfectly well what to do and she clearly enjoys it. She is a complete darling.

Axel did well, too. After our morning jog for 5 km he was nicely relaxed and moved well. He got a very nice judge report. Mrs. Márová studies all the dogs she judges thoroughly and does not miss any faults. She does not hesitate to use worse grades or not grants the title if it is according to her strict eye necessary. So we were pleased she liked Axel and placed him so well.

Daimee has collected all the necessary 3 CAC titles in this season and is now only waiting for next year to finish her Czech adult Championship, she also already became the Czech club Grand Champion on the last show 2 weeks ago, so she had nothing to lose today. So we decided to give our daughter Natalie (8) a chance to present her in the ring. It was their premierre in a regular ring (not among children). They did very well together, the judge appreciated her handling and noted it alsi in the judge report. We are very proud of both of them. Unfortunately Daimee lost completely all her undercoat in the past 2 weeks, so her coat is not in the best show condition and so the “very good” grade was not a surprise from this quite strict judge. Also Vendetta started to shed massively just a few days ago. She was the biggest polar bear from all our dogs, so now her coat is a tragedy as well. Her grade was objectively well deserved.

On our way to the show we met an enormous traffic jam – 18 kms long! on the highway. At one moment it seemed that all the grooming, packing and morning early wake up will come in vain, as it seemed impossible to come on time. Finally we managed to get out of it and arrive even with some time left for our jog. It would be a pitty to miss this great show.


FROZEN of Trebons Berger Blanc (15 months), intermediate class
Exc. 1, CAC (6 females!)

AXEL Donnevara (3,5 years) champion class
Exc. 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB

DIAMOND WHITE ALASKA Dancing with Wolves (22 months), champion class
VG 2

VENDETTA Od Bijelih Andela (10 months), junior class

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