HDR Junior – Eger (HU)

2019-10-12Eger (HU)
HDR Junior – Eger (HU)

Our two juniors entered their first race together. Natálie (8 years) with Vendetta (15 months) conquerred 2 km of a technically difficult track full of hills in Hungarian Eger. There were 6 obstacles on the track – crawling, carrying, throwing, climbing, etc. Apart from throwing (Natalie has always been a throwing anti-talent) they managed everything perfectly. Natalie coped nicely with the obstacle “trampoline”, where Vendetta didn’t want to jump at first, so Natalie lifted her there and then they ran over it together easily (as can be seen in the video). It was a great experience for them both. Natalie was excited and ran for her life. Vendetta is still very young and she was in such chaotic racing environment for the first time in her life, so it is understandable, that she was a little distracted from time to time (she also saw us along the track, when we ran from one place to another to make some photos/videos, so she sometimes wanted to join us instead of running forward), but besides this she ran fantastically and helped Natalie in harness. I believe, that as soon as they have a chance they will happily enter another race together. There were about 70 children in the Junior race, divided into different cathegories. Natalie finished 8th among girls aged 8-11 (out of 28 girls), even though she was one of the youngest in the cathegory. Their final time was 14:57.

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