2021-09-11Hynčice pod Sušinou
As usual our pack took part in the biggest obstacle race in the Czech Republic. This year it was held in a new location – Ski areál Stříbrnice, so it was completely different from last year. This was a real HARD DOG RACE, nothing for couch potatoes, but a challenge for real fighters! 🤩 It was definitely the hardest HDR CZ ever. No mud, no flat parts, just nasty hills. I don’t even know if it was harder to run them up or down.🤔In some parts it was real adrenalin. But we managed to beat the challenge – we ran up the ski slope with the elevation of 360 m, overcame many obstacles with our fur friends (mostly jump, crawl, carry, go over, under, through…), we swam in a lake, ran the ski slope back down and after almost 8 km finished the race, exhausted but happy. 💪
This year was the participation of WSS 🐾huge, we counted more than 20 on the track, we met a lot of friends and made some new, the atmosphere was fantastic, views breathtaking and we enjoyed every minute of it. 🥳
Erik and I started in the morning in the time slots for the fastest runners with Frozen and Axel. We ran the whole race together, supported each other and motivated for the tricks of the track. We crossed the finish line hand in hand 👩‍❤️‍👨in the time 53:25, me as the 11th woman (out of 401 women racers) and Erik as 22nd man (out of 164).
At noon our young hope started, our daughter Natalie with Vendetta. They beated themselves only by standing at the start of such long and difficult race. But they managed everything perfectly and cooperated together very well. For Natalie definitely the longest run and the most difficult sports performance in her life.
And finally as the very last racers on track, more of our white pack started – Erik for the second time, this time with Skazka, Diamond mentored the racing novice Vlastimil Halla and Frozen (for the second start) led courageous Renata Hallová to the race. They all finished the race in a respectable time just over an hour and they went beyond their limits. This race does not have 1 winner🥇, has no losers, the victory belongs to every participant who fights like a team, with 6 legs, 2 hearts, and 1 victory.❤

Photos from event

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