Endurance test

2022-10-23Roudnice nad Labem
Endurance test
Five of our dogs and one progeny have passed the endurance test. We had to run 20 km in the time limit of 3 hours and finally pass a short obedience test. Everybody did very well in this hard task and we finished the test in the time 1:49:36. I know only of 2 WSS who passed this test in the Czech Republic in the history, so now another 6 have done it. Anyway, if we had run 20 km we wanted to finish the distance of a halfmarathon, so we also ran one more km and finished the halfmarathon under 2 hours (1:57:37) which meant a personal record for this distance.
The number of dogs for one runner was not limited, so Erik took 3 (AXEL + VENDETTA + BELLA = father, mother, daughter) and I had 2 (FROZEN + AMIGA = mother and daughter). Unfortunately Natalie was ill so she couldn’t come along. We ran the whole track constantly in the pace 5:34 min/km. The run was pleasant, the weather perfect for running. It was difficult but we did it.

Photos from event

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