Duo CACIB Brno, February 2020

2020-02-01 - 2020-02-02Brno
Duo CACIB Brno, February 2020

DuoCACIB Brno 1.-2.2.2020, entered 45 WSS

FROZEN of Trebons Berger Blanc, champion class
Day 1: Exc. 1/3, CAC, CACIB (Crufts Qualification)
Day 2: Exc. 1/4, CAC, CACIB, BOS

VENDETTA Od Bijelih Andjela, open class
Day 1: Exc. 1/5, CAC
Day 2: Exc. 2/4

Thanks to the judges Petra Márová and Tibor Havelka for lovely evaluating of our females.

And as a reward for the great work in the ring, we organised a joint canicross run for the BBS through Brno after the show. We had a lot of fun during the 10 km running around. Thank, you everybody.

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