Dog Biatlon 2022

2022-09-10Letní kino Houšťka
Dog Biatlon 2022
Immediately after finishing the morning mud race we hopped in the car and drove across half of the republic to start in another race held by, Dog Biatlon race. That is a canicross race combined with shooting from a laser gun. It is the only race of this kind in a year. There were 3 rounds (each cca 800 m long) and after each round there was a shooting passage, always 5 shots from a standing position and from the distance of cca 8 m. For each miss there was a penalisation of 20 sec to the final time.
Erik ran again with Amiga, as the morning race. In the car, she managed to get dry in the car, get rid of the mud and get new strength, so in the next race she also ran like God. Unfortunately Erik was a little confused and after the 3rd round when he was supposed to go straight to the finish, he went again to the shooting area, so he lost several seconds and it cost him many positions in the total ranking. At the end he finished 19th/30 men with 1 miss ´20 sec penalisation. Final time with penalisation 13:04, so the average pace including 3 stops for shooting was 5:01 min/km.
Natalie ran with Bella and finished 63rd/86 women. Natalie is no experienced shooter, so they will have to train this. She got penalisation 2:20 so it cost them 17 places in the results.
Renata Hallová with our progeny Destiny had a similar problem, they must train shooting. This time they finished 65th/86.  And Vlastimil Halla with Amelie 28th/30 a 5 misses out of 10 shots.

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