Demonstration of dog training 2023

Demonstration of dog training 2023
As a part of the school project “Parents to Schools”, we were asked to prepare a demonstration of dog training and other dog activities that we do with our dogs. Originally, the presentation was intended only for the first class of our 6-year-old daughter Caroline, however, there was such a huge wave of interest among children and teachers throughout the school that in the end everything was adjusted at the last minute so that the whole school could participate! We even had to repeat the presentation twice – first in the early morning for the first grade and before lunch for the second grade. In total, about 400 children and teachers took turns with the dogs. There were demonstrations of obedience, dog tricks, defense, dog fitness, canicross, and at the end, petting with the dogs was a must. The puppies from litter I – the Inspectors were also there with us all the time, they were playing carefree in their playpen. Everyone admired them a lot and it was perfect socialization for the puppies. Practical demonstrations of the individual activities were interspersed with a lecture on the principles of safety in relation to dogs, behavior towards dogs, also about the white Swiss shepherd breed, and we explained, for example, what a yellow ribbon on a dog means and a lot of other things. We answered inquisitive questions and finally organized a short race where the best athletes from the school competed against a team of two dogs with one runner. As expected, runners without dogs had no chance.
Everyone really liked the event, the feedback is more than enthusiastic. The children, teachers, dogs enjoyed it and of course we did, too. The children also learned something new, informative and interesting, so we believe that the event met expectations and was beneficial for everyone. Thank you 10th basic school of Kladno for a new experience for us as well, we were happy we could be a part of this educational charity project. It seems it was not for the last time we did this.

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