CZECH DOG RUN, 26.6.2021

2021-06-26Břehy u Přelouče
CZECH DOG RUN, 26.6.2021
Last weekend we took part in another great obstacle-canicross race. It was a very hard track with many extremely difficult obstacles. There was mud, water, darkness, climbing, crawling, running and much more. Cooperation and trust was needed more than ever before. The track was very technical, with a lot of steep turns, lined only with plastic tapes and it was necessary to be able to control the dog perfectly, obeying side commands was an absolute must.
Erik ran the race twice – once with Axel, for the second time with Skazka. For her it was the first race ever and she did great. They finished 3rd and 4th in men’s cathegory. I started with Frozen and we enjoyed it together very much. She helped me as much as she could. We finished 33rd out of 143 women in the Strong cathegory. After I finished I ran again (without a dog) the 3 km track accompanying our 10-year-old Natalie who ran with experienced Diamond (just to be sure they are fine). But they managed great. Diamond is a dog with a big heart and loves running and jumps into all obstacles head first without thinking. So they did an awesome job and it was a pleasure watching them cooperate together. They finished 34th out of 118 women (mostly adult, there were no children’s cathegories).


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