Czech Dog Run 2023 – Area 52

2023-06-09 - 2023-06-10Area 52, Jihlava
Czech Dog Run 2023 – Area 52
Night and day race in the military area near Jihlava (CZ) was supposed to be one of our regular races with a little mud and some adrenaline, which we wanted to enjoy. BUT! The neverending rain several days in advance changed the track into brutal mud hell from the start till finish. So instead of a few muddy obstacles we ran a total mud massarce, which will remain unforgettable forever.
In a little over 12 hours our team NIKTEL WHITE WARRIORS started 15 times. At night a 3 km race. First children fought just in the light of the headlights. Track was not easy but they all managed. Natalie finished 2nd with the time 27:28. Valentine Hally ran with her father and they ran so wild, that they did not even notice that she lost her light. Caroline was very brave and enjoyed the mud. If someone told me she would do that a year ago, I would not believe it. Dog races taught her to be tough and be able to step out of her comfort zone. Thanks for this change.
Then us adults went to the start. Renča and Vlastik Halla ran together as a couple and enjoyed the joint race. I had some difficulties, was cold from the childrens race, we went to the start as the very last racers so Diamond was not so enthusiastic as always, so I told Erik to leave me to rum in my own slow pace and he ran off and came for gold medal in the end. Good job Erik and Axel.
The official ceremony started round midnight so before we congratulated everybody, went to the car, fed and walked all the dogs, had a shower it was 3 a.m. and we went to bed. At 6 a.m. we got up ahain and had to prepare everything for the day race. As we had almost the whole pack with us to be able to leave home – so 7 big dogs and 5 puppies. We had to make a provisionary box in the camper car for puppies and take a big trailer for the big dogs, so nothing was too easy.
During the day, children ran 1,5 km, Erik ran twice 3 km (with Axel and Skazka) and we others a 6 km track. Caroline had her own cathegory in the day race “children up to 7 years old” and she won 1st place and a big golden cup among all the little kids there. Natalie came 6th and Valentine as well in their cathegories. I enjoyed the day race much more, I ran with Bella and it was great cooperation. I came 6th, Renata just after me 8th out of 30 women 40+ and Vlastik 5th among men 40+. Then the sunny weather suddenly changed into heavy rain and Erik ran in a total rainstorm. But he loves extremes and the more it rained the more he enjoyed it and he came first with Axel (21:28) and second with Skazka (time 22:10). Unbelievable.
It was a wonderful weekend. Great organisation, devoted photographers, generous sponsors. Thanks to them we have so many prices and lovely photos to bring us back memories of this great time. Unforgettable time with great people and our dogs we love so much. One of the best races ever!

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