CC race Město Touškov in Harness

2020-02-29Město Touškov (Plzeňsko)
CC race Město Touškov in Harness

The racing season 2020 started – our first race (unfortunately also the last for a while) took palce near Pilsen in Město Touškov. It was for us a unique race, as it had so many “first”:

  • Erik and Axel’s first race in scootering
  • for the first time Axel ran 2 races in one day, both with Erik
  • I raced with Vendetta for the first time
  • for the first time our oldest son tried canicross
  • I borrowed Daimee to somebody else for a race for the first time
  • our daughter Natalie (9) finished 7/23 with Frozen for the first time
  • there were 8 WSS in the race, the most I can ever remember in one race
  • first race in 2020

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