Canicross training course

2018-10-12 - 2018-10-14Kyprův Mlýn, okr. Telč
Canicross training course

As we have taken on canicross quite recently, we decided to gain some new experience and took part in a weekend course in canicross. It was a historically first event like this held only for White Swiss Shepherds. We have both (mistress and dog) enjoyed it very much. We exercised a lot, went running, rode a scooter – caniscooter and in the meantime we tried dog brain-teasers or dog fitness with a huge Physio roll ball under the leadership of experienced trainers. We managed to run the final race for 2,8 kms in the average pace 4:58min/km (12,1km/hod).

Canicross is a modern type of dog sport, when one or more dogs is tied to the runner – leader. The rope is equipped with a so called amortizer (flexible rubber) which protects the spine of the runner as well as the dog. The runner has a special seat around his waist and butt, which transforms the tractive force of the dog to the runner.

Photos from event

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