Canicross run through Prague Prokop Valley

2020-03-01Praha, Prokopské údolí
Canicross run through Prague Prokop Valley

As the place for another joint canicross run with the white pack, we chose the Prague Prokop Valley. The weather was ideal for running, sun was shining, but not too hot. At the end we ran cca 11 km, all happy and satisfied, the dogs most of all. In the middle of the run we made a spor at a little pond, wher ethe dogs had a drink and a refreshing bath. There was one canicross novice among us, so we borrowed him the equipment and a dog to try it and I hope we motivated him for more running with his own dog. At that point we did not know it was the last organised run for quite a long time, our next plans had to be postponed due to the corona virus.

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