Canicross race Leskros – mountain Ještěd 3/4

Canicross race Leskros – mountain Ještěd 3/4

I must have gone absolutely mad… Even though I really really hate uphill running, I entered us to the race with the run up the Ještěd mountain. What’s more the weather was not the best (foggy, rainy, temperatures just above zero). The race was extremely brutal, I climbed the steepest hill almost on all four. It was a surprise that I did dot trip over all the roots, rocks and plants on the track. But our great 4-legged friends helped us so much in this race. They put all their heart in the run, they fought, towed and felt exactly where we needed them most! The terrain suited Axel with Erik more, this time they beat us with Daimee and their pace 5:48 min/km is under the circumstances adorable, in total 6th place in the cathegory of men with dogs over 20 kg. My pace with Diamond was 6:08 min/km, the length of the track was round 4 km, fastest speed 23,1 km/h. We finished traditionally in the middle of the starting women – 19th out of about 40 in the cathegory. We are maximally satisfied! The goal was just to survive. Frozen did not start this time, the track way too difficult for such a young dog and her joints.

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