CAC Prokuplje + CACIB Leskovac 2019

2019-09-07 - 2019-09-08Prokuplje + Leskovac, SRB
CAC Prokuplje + CACIB Leskovac 2019

We closed our holiday trip round the Balkan in Serbian Prokuplje and a day later at a nearby international show in Leskovac. Tired but happy we started the journey home after the last show.

SKAZKA Iz Beloy Brigady, 4,5 months

Day 1: VP1 + Baby BOB + BIS III. Baby
Day 2: VP1 + Baby BOB + 4/15 in the final competition for BIS Baby

DIAMOND WHITE ALASKA Dancing With Wolves, 2 years, champion class

Day 1: Exc.1 + CAC + BOB + BOG III.
Day 2: Exc.1 + CAC + CACIB + BOB + BOG II.

***New Grand champion Serbia***

FROZEN Of Trebons Berger Blanc, 17 months, intermediate class

Day 1:  Exc.1 + CAC
Day 2: Exc.1 + CAC + r.CACIB

***New champion Serbia***

Photos from event

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