Břežanská stopa 2022

2022-11-05Břežany u Horažďovic
Břežanská stopa 2022
This time we entered a mushing race in Břežany, cathegory canicross without licence and again we won the race. Primarily we were interested in watching the dog sledge cathegories in this race and it was lovely to see up to 12 dogs pulling various carts. And once we were there we also wanted to take part. We ran the sprint track 5,5 km, which was the same for runners and carts. Therefore the paths were nice and wide, just somewhere a little muddy after the whole day’s rain the day before. But during the race the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold and no rain so the run was lovely. We started all together, everybody behaved well during the joint start, no problems or incidents. We finished the race with the time 24:39 and both were 1st in our cathegories. Natalie also ran in women (there was no junior cathegory for her). Up to the half of the race she kept with us, for a while she even ran first, then she had to slow down a little and finished in the time 26:14. I am very curious when she will start running faster than us.
Thanks to all the organisers for letting us start as so far unlicenced racers. We enjoyed the whole day a lot. The atmosphere was unique, friendly and watching the dogs in action exciting. Also big thanks to the sponsors for really rich bags of gifts for winners. Next time we are definitely coming again.

Photos from event

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