AMANORAVA CUP 2019, Gjilani

2019-09-04 - 2019-09-05Gjilani, Kosovo
AMANORAVA CUP 2019, Gjilani

Another stop on our Balkan trip were three shows in Gjilani. Girls were extremely successful there. All the judges were very charmed by them. Some of the people there even wanted to buy Skazka and take her home ­čśÇ Of course we did not sell her. Our Gjilani results were unbelievable, something you achieve just once in a lifetime.

SKAZKA Iz Beloy Brigady, 4,5 months

Day 1: VP1 + Baby BOB + BIS Baby
Day 2: VP1 + Baby BOB + BIS Baby
Day 3: VP1 + Baby BOB + r.BIS Baby

DIAMOND WHITE ALASKA Dancing With Wolves, 2 years, champion class

Day 1: Exc.1 + CAC + CACIB + BOB + BOG I + Crufts 2020 Qualification
Day 2: Exc.1 + CAC + BOB + BOG I
Day 3: Exc.1 + CAC + CACIB + BOB + BOG III

FROZEN Of Trebons Berger Blanc, 17 months, intermediate class

Day 1: Exc.1 + CAC + r.CACIB
Day 2: Exc.1 + CAC
Day 3: Exc.1 + CAC + r.CACIB

Thanks to all the judges for such great words about our dogs – Dr. Antonino La Barbera (IT), Alban Vokshi (RKS), Ivan Jukic (BIH)

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