CACIB České Budějovice, October 2020

2020-10-03České Budějovice
CACIB České Budějovice, October 2020

The spring international dog show in České Budějovice could not be held due to Coronavirus pandemic, so it had to be postponed to autumn. At the end also the October date was unsure until the very last moment. But yes it could take place this time, just under very strict hygienic measures. The exhibition halls were divided by air walls into sections with 1-2 rings, so that not so many people could meet at one place. Only a limited number of people were allowed to enter the show ground (the same number as the number of dogs on our confirmation). All in all it was a smaller event, some exhibitors did not come at all. The halls were unexpectedly opened around 8 a.m., so a lot of people were waiting outside the entrances to the halls from 7 o’clock, when the gates to the show ground opened (originally they wanted to let us wait there until 8,30 but as so many angry people were protesting, they opened a little earlier). But apart from this, everything was fine, desinfectants everywhere, everybody was wearing face masks…

Judge: Otakar Vondrouš

A pleasant surprise was that Axel met his niece there – Arya White Sparrow (Adele Donnevara x King King z Ranče Montara), who succeeded and got Exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ.


Axel Donnevara – Exc. 2, res.CAC, res. CACIB (champion class)

Vendetta Od Bijelih Andela – Exc. 4 (open class) – The judge liked her constitution very much, but the oveall impression was completely destroyed by her total lack of fur caused by current shadding, so he decided to award her the grade Excellent, but with the placement 4th

Diamond White Alaska DAncing With Wolves – Exc. 2, res. CAC (champion class)

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