Leskros Dnešice

Leskros Dnešice

The first race after a long pause, sprint for 4,6 km. And it worked out perfectly. I was extremely pleased with Frozen, she ran like mad and towed great. She did not look right or left, she just ran. She absolutely did not mind leaving Axel at the start behind her, she did not even look back. She was very calm before the start and just waited for the starting command. She cantered at least until the half of the race. She made a huge improvement from the last race.

Axel is a racing matador, he was crazy at the start as always, showing how much he is looking forward to the run. We crossed the finish line all together. Finally we managed to run the whole race in the pace under 5:00 min/km.  Erik with Axel had the official pace 4:55, Frozen and I 4:58!
Great race, nice people. We are already looking forwadr to the next race.

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