Cancelled – Litter spring 2019 – White of The Acrtic

* April 2019breeding with our stud dog
Cancelled – Litter spring 2019 – White of The Acrtic

For February 2019 we planned a mating with our stud dog Axel and a champion female from Germany – Gracie Elayne of the White Heaven. It should have been litter B in the kennel “White of the Arctic” in Germany.

Elayne is a very successful female in dog shows, she is a junior champion and national and international champion of Germany. The health results of both parents are perfect: HD A, ED 0/0, MDR1 +/+, DM n/n, DNA profile. However, it came out, that Elayne is not registered in a stud book acknowledged by the International kinology federation FCI, which means that this mating is not possible. International breeding rules of the FCI as well as the rules for breeding of ČMKU strictly ban mating of individuals which are not both registered under FCI.

We are very sad, that the birth of such puppies after high quality parents is being blocked just by administrative barrier. However, due to this fact, we are forced to cancell this mating. We hereby appologize to the potential interested parties of puppies from this litter, but we are obliged to follow and respect these breeding rules.


C.I.B. - Interchampion Grand Champion of Slovakia Champion of Czech Republic Champion of Slovakia Champion of Lithuania Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina Champion of Croatia Champion of Serbia Junior champion CZ Junior champion SK Club grand champion Club champion Best show dog in CZ - 3rd place (2016) Open Slovakia Dog Cup 2017 - 2. place National winner Regional winner Winner of Mladá Boleslav Youth national winner SK BIS 3 BIG 1 BOB BOS CACIB res. CACIB multi CAC/CWC multi CAJC
Grand Champion CZ, Champion CZ, Champion ČMKU, Club Champion, Winner of specialty show, Regional winner, multi BOS/CACIB/CAC/CAJC...
BARNET Abraska
res. CAC
Blesk od Kunovského lesa
Falco of Kim's dream
ADRIANA u Panáka
Bepcock Nubika
Cleo z Nuslaudy
Julie Nycol Elbigi
Grand Ch CZ, Ch. CZ+SK, Club Ch., National winner
Ares z Nového Malína
Cino Giacomo Elbigi
Alexis of White Glory
Nataly Cheryl Donnevara
Dragon la Blankpapilio
Genny Lee Donnevara
International champion DE, Champion DE, Junior Champion DE
Gracie Elayne of the White Heaven
WW 2014, Champion, Austria winner 2013, Austria Master Cup Winner 2014
Cyrill White of Sunshine
Diabolo von der Wittingauer Rasselbande
Banshee Boy vom Hause Zenz
Binki von der Wittingauer Rasselbande
Baylis White of Sunshine
Enrique of White Sunshine
Oretta-daisy vom Weissen Wächter
Junior Champion, Champion, JWW 2013, JEW 2013, vice WW 2014
Franka-Shateen of The White Heaven
JEW 2008, WW 2009, 1.WS Worldcup 2008, EW 2009, WW 2010
Polarbear's Falkor of Erijane
Surefire Cayden v Zentopia
Puppy Champion, Junior Champion, Europa Champion, Honor Champion
Evita from the Smooth White
Willow Wood Chester Chase

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